Live export: Secret footage shows young calves being beaten and kicked

Undercover footage appears to show a worker jumping up and down on a calf. Photograph: L214/Eyes on Animals Irish calves as young as two weeks old are being beaten, kicked and punched,

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Instead, the footage appears to show the animals beingdragged by their ears, stamped on and routinely thrashed by workers with batons. Live export : Secret footage shows young News Live export: Secret footage shows young calves being beaten and kicked The Guardian 27 minutes ago Undercover footage appears to show a worker jumping up and down on a calf. Photograph: L214/Eyes on Animals Irish calves as young ... Some animals in the footage were so severely mistreated that they collapse in pain, dragging their hind legs along the floor, unable to stand up.

In the video, workers can be seen slamming the calves’ faces into plastic feed teats and batoning their heads and backs. Live export ships exposed - TAKE ACTION NOW live - export -shipboard-cruelty/?ua_s=... WORLD-FIRST FOOTAGE : animals are suffering and being cooked alive on live export ships. Help shut down this illegal end the cruelty. The animals, desperate for milk after a long journey with little water, return to the feeds and are beaten again.

Robert Drisque, the head of the Qualivia control post declined to comment, saying only that it was a ‘difficult situation’ that had affected his team psychologically. Calves exported for veal beaten and jumped on in secret ... /news/uk-news/calves- export ed-veal-beaten-jumped-15003805 Calves exported for veal beaten and jumped on in secret camera footage . ... were attacked by workers at a resting area for live exports in France. The young cows can be seen being brutally struck ... But the case shines a light on the hidden ‘ and often brutal ‘ world of livestock transportation, according to campaign groups.

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New Zealand has a long history of animal cruelty and neglect

OPINION: The Ministry for Primary Industries has repeatedly shown it is not willing to enforce animal welfare laws.

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MPI’s basic purpose of supporting and increasing exports conflicts with its responsibility to monitor and enforce animal welfare and the two roles need to be separated to ensure that both are properly carried out.

Newsroom’s story about the Northland farm manager caught by hidden cameras’beating dairy cows with a steel pipe‘is one in a long line of cases of neglect and ill treatment of farm animals.

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Farmwatch footage reveals bobby calves thrown, dragged

Activist group Farmwatch has released hidden-camera footage of bobby calves being thrown onto trucks, dropped to the ground and dragged by their limbs.

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However, Farmwatch says its latest investigation shows this is untrue – and that the abuse of calves is a common practice in one of New Zealand’s biggest industries.

In November 2015, Farmwatch released footage from the earlier undercover investigation into dairy farms. Shocking undercover footage reveals calves exported for ... /news/article-6998373/Shocking-undercover- footage -reveals... The footage , taken from a centre near Cherbourg, France shows the animals being violently treated. Young cows can be seen being struck with sticks and pushed around by workers as they try to eat. The footage, obtained using hidden cameras, showed very young calves being beaten and being thrown into metal stalls and trucks.

Many were outraged by the footage and Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE), which was involved in that video’s release, arranged an advertisement in Britain’s The Guardian condemning the calves’ treatment.

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Record Store Day 2019: The list of all 545 exclusives

The full list of special releases coming to UK record shops as part of Record Store Day 2019 has been revealed.

545 limited edition products ranging from’live LPs, boxsets, albums never-before-released-on-vinyl, movie soundtracks, remix EPs, and unreleased rarities’will be available across 7″, 10″, 12″, picture disc, coloured vinyl and flexidisc (!) formats.

Over 250 stores are taking part this year, the highest number in the event’s history. The perfect rom-com is the one without the happy ending ... /2019/05/03/the-perfect-rom-com-is-the-one-without-the-happy-ending... According to a study, not even four out of 10 millennials were married in 2016, compared with almost six out of 10 young adults in the late 1980s. The usual rom-com trajectory – an elevator meet ... DJ sets, in-store performances and mini festivals are planned in several record shops across the country for the big day on Saturday, April 13.

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5 questions with … Amy Zahm-Duncheon, Eisenhower High School principal

I graduated in 2002 from Saint Louis University with a master’s degree in social work. I started my education career as a school social worker through Mid-State Special Education in Taylorville. I worked in the Pana School District for three years (and) taught classes through Lakeland Community College. I then got a job within the Springfield Public School District. In 2012, I became the assistant principal for curriculum and instruction at Eisenhower High School. In 2015, I graduated with a doctoral degree in education from Saint Louis University. This is my fourth year as principal and I love my job, staff and students.’

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