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A Twitter exchange with Elon Musk about a sheep lands a British man a job at Tesla
on 22nd of May 2019 Tesla has hired a British man behind a viral tweet that caught the attention of Elon Musk last month. Adam Koszary, who engineered a viral Twitter exchange between Musk and an English museum, will

Jim and Pam from “The Office” are feuding on Twitter over their Stanley Cup Final teams
on 22nd of May 2019 Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly of “The Office” may be one of television’s most iconic couples, but the actors who play them agree on everything — especially when it comes to hockey teams. The actors who

Twitter co-founder calls President Trump ‘master of the platform’
on 22nd of May 2019 Toronto (CNN Business)President Donald Trump is a “master” of Twitter, according to the company’s co-founder Ev Williams. “What Trump has done with Twitter is pretty genius, frankly,” Williams said in

Rockets’ official Twitter account suspended
(May 2019) The Houston Rockets’ Twitter account, along with the accounts of several college football teams, was suspended Monday afternoon. “Our Twitter account has been temporarily suspended due to a few prior

Not that Albo: Twitter users draw Italian erotic cartoonist into Australian Labor leadership battle
on 22nd of May 2019 Anthony Albanese, who hopes to become the next leader of the Australian Labor party, has not won the support of the Italian erotic cartoonist who shares his nickname. Photograph: Dean Lewins/AAP An

New Twitter experiment is showing some users more ads
on 22nd of May 2019 If you feel like you’ve been seeing more Twitter ads lately, it’s not just your imagination. A Twitter Inc. spokeswoman said Tuesday that the company is experimenting with ad load, the industry term

Seth Rogen’s Hot GQ Cover Seriously Impresses Twitter
(May 2019) The name Seth Rogen typically brings a few words to mind: funny, chill, movies and weed are just a few. However, another term is now being applied to the Hollywood star: Hot. Rogen’s GQ cover spread

Houston Rockets’ Twitter account suspended after copyright complaints
(May 2019) The Houston Rockets appeared to have fouled on their Twitter account. The basketball team’s Twitter account was suspended following copyright complaints, Twitter said Monday. The tech company declined

Political scientist analyzes the UN’s Twitter feed to improve diplomatic relations
on 22nd of May 2019 Through research by a political scientist at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), there is potential to see diplomacy between nations improve through the use of Twitter. UTSA researcher

Donald Trump Jr. is writing a book — and Twitter is having a blast predicting the titles
on 22nd of May 2019 Donald Trump Jr. has reportedly signed a book deal, and scores of people online — including Trump Jr.’s own siblings — dunked on him upon learning the news. The book “will focus on politics, current

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