Traditional chocolate stores treat chocolate almost like jewelry, in these beautiful boxes — don’t

[ ‘Max’ Brenner Was Pushed Out of His Own Company, Financially Destroyed, and Banned From Making Chocolate For Five Years. But He ]
After a crushing legal battle, the founder was ousted from Max Brenner: Chocolate by the Bald Man, and forbidden from any new ventures for five years.

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‘The things I was doing in my shop were very out of the box, different from classic European chocolate stores,’ he says. ‘I felt there was a big gap between the way people talk and think about chocolate and the way they experience it in the retail world. Traditional chocolate stores treat chocolate almost like jewelry, in these beautiful boxes ‘ don’t touch it! But when I talked to my customers, they were talking about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, sexy gifts, romantic childhood memories, the emotional connotations of chocolate. So this was the beginning of Max Brenner. I said: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Let’s create chocolate pipes that go all around the restaurant. Let’s create a ‘hug mug,’ so you can hug your mug close and feel like you are in a chalet on a ski vacation. You say, ‘I’m addicted to chocolate, I want a chocolate fix.’ So I created a big syringe full of chocolate so you can shoot it into your mouth. And so on. I really turned it into a chocolate amusement park.’

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House military committee looks at Afghan mission

Former U.S Ambassador Ryan Crocker told the U.S. House Armed Services Committee hearing Friday that the United States is “waving the white flag” in Afghanistan. (Nov. 20)

China’s embassy in the Philippines has denounced the United States for “creating chaos” in Asia, after a visiting White House envoy backed countries in disputes with China and accused Beijing of using military pressure to further its interests. During a trip to Manila on Monday, national security adviser Robert O’Brien underscored the U.S. commitment to Taiwan and told the Philippines and Vietnam, countries both locked in maritime rows with China, that “we’ve got your back”. “It shows that his visit to this region is not to promote regional peace and stability, but to create chaos in the region in order to seek selfish interests of the U.S.,” the embassy said in a statement issued late Monday.

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Surry County Sheriff Reports – Mount Airy News

In February 2019 Pruett was convicted of driving while intoxicated in New Hanover County. In May 2019 he was convicted of a felony violation of a court order in the state of Virginia on an unspecified original crime. No jail time was listed with either conviction.

On Sept. 23 he has a court date for charges of communicating a threat and felony obtaining property by false pretense.

* * *

He has an Oct. 2 court date for citations of driving while license revoked and having a fictitious or altered registration or tag.

In April 2016 he was convicted of four felony counts: two counts of breaking and entering and two counts of larceny after breaking in. He spent a week in prison with post-release time in jail.

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