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Media Had No Problem Calling It A Border Crisis In Under Obama

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A Drama of Trump’s Own Making Ends With a Familiar Hero
(Jun 2019) President Trump announced that he was calling off the crippling new tariffs he had . our Border Immigration Agreement with Mexico have been very good, there has nevertheless been much false

CNN panel knocks Trump’s Mexico deal, suggest it’s a distraction from weak US job numbers
(Jun 2019) Glasser went on to say Trump “failed completely” to control the border and slammed the “lack of normal policy process” leading up to the deal, calling . had a laugh and they let them out and they

The Open Border Extremists
(Jun 2019) Under the deal, Mexico reportedly will deploy about six thousand troops to its southern border to prevent . the immigration problem we won’t be hearing about it anymore. No, Chuck.

Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) on Foreign Interference: “The Appropriate Course of Action is to Certainly Report it”, Blasts Dems on Immigration
(Jun 2019) The president has put together a very reasonable request for a 4.5 billion dollars to mitigate the border crisis . calling for a Democratic president’s request to be fulfilled and there was no

Trump announces tariffs on Mexico in effort to stop migrants coming to the US
(since May, 2019) However, “if the crisis persists . influx at the southern U.S. border. “It is our very firm belief that the Mexican government can and needs to do more,” White House acting chief of staff Mick

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