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Media Had No Problem Calling It A Border Crisis In Under Obama

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Immigration: Crisis or not – it is a problem
(Mar 2019) Border . had 20 percent more money in your savings account. Imagine what other sectors could save if illegal immigration was brought under control. Look, don’t call it a crisis. Don’t call it an

Crime and Courts: Immigration: Crisis or not, it’s a problem
(Mar 2019) Border apprehensions had been declining for years . save if illegal immigration were brought under control. Look, don’t call it a crisis. Don’t call it an emergency. But don’t fail to call it a real

First Reading: At his first congressional town halls, Chip Roy is OK with a little drama
(Mar 2019) Roy said of the 200,000 border crossers who are apprehended, 90 percent are caught and released. On guns, Roy said he had voted last week against extending . (Cheers and applause) TF: I have no

Rubio’s Gloating Betrays US Sabotage in Venezuela Power Blitz
(Mar 2019) No sooner had the South American country . American politicians and media immediately blamed the Maduro government for sabotaging the effort. An aid truck was set alight on a border crossing on

A Venezuela Union Leader’s Analysis of Crisis
(Mar 2019) The original appeared in Spanish on Feb. 7 — that is, long before the Feb. 23 showdown on the border. Translated by Pedro Alvarez from Aporrea. (Entire interview: Social and