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Facebook was concerned about ‘sketchy’ Cambridge Analytica four years ago
(Aug 2019) Facebook was concerned Cambridge Analytica was possibly misusing data from the social network in September 2015, roughly three months before the consultancy was found to have improperly acquired user

Hong Kong Protests: Cathay Pacific Aircrew Union Head Fired for Facebook Posts, Outcry Over ‘Blatant Act of Suppression’
(Aug 2019) The head of the Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Flight Attendants’ Association announced Friday she had been fired by the Cathay Dragon airlines over her support for recent anti-China protests, prompting

A Cathay Pacific labor leader was fired for her Facebook posts on Hong Kong’s protests
(Aug 2019) A labor leader at the budget airline of Hong Kong’s flagship carrier was called in to a meeting and shown printouts of her Facebook posts. Then she was fired. The firing of Rebecca Sy, the head

Facebook Knew of Potential Cambridge Analytica Issues as Early as Sept. 2015
(Aug 2019) Shares of Facebook (FB – Get Report) are down after internal documents released jointly by the company and the D.C. Attorney General showed that company employees may have known that Cambridge

Mark Zuckerberg has dumped $296 million worth of Facebook shares so far this month
(Aug 2019) Mark Zuckerberg said in 2017 he planned to sell between 35 and 75 million Facebook shares over 18 months to plug money into his philanthropy efforts.

Facebook’s emails reveal Cambridge Analytica complaints started months earlier than originally claimed
(Aug 2019) The Cambridge Analytica scandal rocked Facebook when it came to light last year, but newly revealed documents containing internal Facebook conversations released jointly by Facebook and the District

Is It The End Of Facebook And Twitter Marketing Partners? Not So Fast
(Aug 2019) In perhaps one of the few (only?) times that Twitter is grateful not to be the size and scale of Facebook, Inc., it announced this week that it “accidentally” shared user data with third-party

Internal emails suggest Facebook was not aware of Cambridge Analytica leak earlier than previously reported
(Aug 2019) Internal emails released by Facebook on Friday show employees of the company expressed concerns about Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook user data as early as September 2015. In the emails,

Facebook’s ad data may put millions of gay people at risk
on 24th of Aug 2019 Millions of gay people living in countries where homosexuality is outlawed could be put at risk by Facebook’s advertising practices. This is because the firm allows advertisers to target people on the

Facebook’s Libra backers reportedly looking to cut ties with cryptocurrency
(Aug 2019) Facebook plans to launch a new cryptocurrency called Libra in the first half of 2020. At least three early backers of Libra, a cryptocurrency Facebook unveiled plans for earlier this year, are

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