Meet the cast of Endeavour series six

The younger version of John Thaw’s Inspector Morse from the original TV series, Evans’ Morse starts the new series as a desk sergeant in Woodstock, Oxford, desperately hoping to return to CID.

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‘At the end of last season we all go our separate ways,’ Evans told from the set of the new series.

Endeavour is by far Evans’ best known role, though he has also appeared in Teachers, Silk, Ashes to Ashes and The Scandalous Lady W among other productions. He is also a director, and helmed the second episode of this year’s series after previously directing two episodes of Casualty.

‘So that brought with it its own challenges, but made it quite economical and efficient as well.’

Morse’s former boss and mentor, Thursday has been bumped down a rank following the events of the last series and has trouble at home, leaving him open to the bad influence of new boss DCI Box.

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Writer Russell Lewis is behind all five series of Endeavour, the hit prequel series that explores the early career of one of our favourite fictional detectives, Endeavour Morse. It’s the latest in a long list of TV writing credits including The Bill, Sharpe, Kavanagh QC, Taggart, and the original Inspector Morse, along with its first spin-off series, Lewis. In advance of the coming sixth series, he spoke to Den of Geek about the young Endeavour, character relationships, and the groovy outfits ‘ not to mention, the facial hair ‘ we can hope for as our hero heads into that fabled summer of ’69’

Endeavour ‘ Who are the cast and guest stars?

Get to know the key players and this series’ special guests in the ITV police drama which follows the early career of Inspector Morse.

Morse spin-off Endeavour introduces a whole new side to the beloved fictional detective as it follows his early career in the police force.

The ITV programme, heading into its sixth series, welcomes back its popular regulars alongside a host of guest stars.

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If you remember the late John Thaw as Inspector Morse, seeing Shaun Evans in the same role can take some getting used to ‘ although you’ll soon warm to his portrayal of a younger Morse.

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