Mexico publishes Trump’s ‘secret deal’ on migration

Mexico City (AFP) – Mexico published the document Friday that US President Donald Trump fleetingly showed the press this week as evidence he had extracted tough new concessions on migration from the ‘

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Trump theatrically waved the one-page document in front of reporters Tuesday, fending off critics who said his use of tariff threats to force Mexico into a deal on curbing migration had in fact extracted little in the way of new commitments from the Mexican side.

Photojournalists managed to capture a few sentences of the document, but the full contents had not previously been revealed.

The document is a “supplementary agreement” to the deal the US and Mexico signed last Friday, and outlines additional measures the two sides agree to take.

The two countries “will immediately begin discussions to establish definitive terms for a binding bilateral agreement to further address burden-sharing and the assignment of responsibility for processing refugee status claims of migrants,” it says.

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In Tijuana, Migrants Grapple With the Border Crisis Trump Created

A 10-month-old looks out from his family’s tent in a shelter for migrants in Tijuana, Mexico.AP Photo/Gregory Bull

Juan was standing with his wife and three young kids, clenching a tiny piece of paper with a four-digit number written on it. ‘We didn’t make it today,’ he said. He then rolled his suitcase away from the line of people that had formed against a wall in the shadow of an overpass in Tijuana, alongside giant letters spelling out ‘Mexico’ right on the border. ‘We are seven numbers short.’ That morning, about 50 lucky people ahead of him had their numbers called.

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Trump laughs after audience member suggests shooting migrants ‘ video

An audience member at a Donald Trump rally in Florida yelled ‘shoot them’ in reference to migrants at the border. Mexico publishes Trump ' s ' secret deal ' News Mexico publishes Trump's 'secret deal ' on migration YAHOO! 2 days ago Mexico City (AFP) - Mexico published the document Friday that US President Donald Trump fleetingly showed the press this ... ... Trump had asked the crowd: ‘How do you stop these people?’ After laughing at the response, he added: ‘Only in the panhandle can you get away with that statement’

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