Mom, daughter damage sculpture at Susquehanna Art Museum


Harrisburg artist Sean Matthews worked for nearly two years to design and create his exhibit titled, “Recycled Play,” which features children’s playthings transformed into conceptual art.

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But ten minutes into the grand opening of the exhibit Aug. 17 at the Susquehanna Art Museum, a mother and daughter dismantled the piece in mere seconds.

The women walked under the swing set, grabbed the swings, and pulled them down, ruining the installation.

“I looked away for a moment and then, boom, it’s down,” said Alice Anne Schwab, the museum director. “The swings were swinging…We were just devastated. The visitors mistakenly assumed they were supposed to play on the swings that were suspended.”

Schwab said she told the women they could not touch the art, but the women then strolled to the back of the museum, where they picked up an “hourglass” sand clock, which was part of a different sculpture, even though that exhibit also had a “no-touch” label on the wall.

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