Most NFL Execs. The 2018 second-round pick was dominant in his second season as he made the Pro Bowl, and he’s

[ Most underappreciated NFL players at every position: Execs help us pick 10 secret stars who deserve more respect ]
We asked people around the NFL which players’ games deserve more respect. After a hot start, it’s no surprise that Derek Carr led our list. Who else made the top 10?

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Mile High Morning: Is Courtland Sutton the Broncos’ most underrated player?

In Broncos Country, it’s no secret the kind of impact that Courtland Sutton has had on the Broncos. The 2018 second-round pick was dominant in his second season as he made the Pro Bowl, and he’s developed into a leader and key piece on the roster.

As he aims to return from a 2020 ACL injury, Sutton should again be one of the Broncos’ best players ‘and he has his sights set on returning to the Pro Bowl.

Yet despite how clear Sutton’s impact is to Broncos fans, he may be underrated on a national scale. NFL Network’s Cynthia Frelund took a recent look at the most underrated player on each team through an analytical scope, and she identified Sutton as the Broncos’ player who deserves more attention.

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FMIA: Justin Fields Faces Down Dan Orlovsky Criticism – Peter King, NBC Sports – NBC Sports

‘The whole idea that he doesn’t have a very good work ethic?’ Day said over the phone Saturday afternoon. ‘I mean, to me, that’s crazy. He got done with the Clemson game [the loss in the college football playoffs in the 2019 season] and he came back and all he did was work to get back to that game. And when those other guys are opting out, what’s he do? He petitions to have a season. He put together this petition that the Big Ten athletes all signed saying that they want to play, but they want to play safely and that they don’t accept canceling the season. It was all led by Justin Fields. Where was everybody else? Where were the guys who were opting out then? You know, you don’t love the game if you’re doing something like that. This kid loves the game.

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