Nasty Gal ads banned in the U.K. after complaints about ‘unhealthily underweight’ model


Nasty Gal is the latest brand to receive backlash over advertisements that feature models considered to be overly thin. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which regulates advertising in the U.

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The ASA has fielded at least 22 viewer complaints about the ad, according to the BBC.’The watchdog agency justified the outrage, saying, ‘While the female model in the ads generally appeared to be in proportion, there were specific scenes which, because of her poses, drew attention to her slimness.’

The group ultimately ruled to ban that commercial and three other abridged versions, concluding that ‘the ads were therefore irresponsible’ and should ‘not be broadcast again in their current form.’

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Hermine hangover: Andrew Gillum ‘unfit to lead,’ Republicans charge

On Thursday, Republicans began hitting Democratic gubernatorial nominee’Andrew Gillum’on the issue, charging him with failure to lead when Hurricane Hermine struck Tallahassee in 2016.

This critique is nothing new: Days after Gillum’s surprise win in the August primary, the conservative’National Review lowlighted Gillum’s quixotic response to power outages after the 2016 storm, which was slowed because Gillum refused to allow nonunion workers to help with the complex and time-consuming task of power restoration.

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Mucarsel-Powell’s campaign karma ‘ Ad spending tops quarter billion ‘ Arza non

$278.5 MILLION AND COUNTING ‘ So far this cycle, candidates and political groups have spent or reserved about $278.5 million in ad time in Florida’s Senate, gubernatorial and congressional races. The Senate race leads the way at nearly $130 million ($72.4 million for Gov. Rick Scott’s side to $57.4 million for Sen. Bill Nelson’s). The governor’s race, thanks to the multiple candidate primaries and the big-spending of billionaire Jeff Greene, is just behind at nearly $123 million, followed by $25.9 million spent in 10 of the state’s 27 congressional districts. Remember this the next time you hear a TV talking head bemoan how expensive elections are. It’s largely because of the cost of advertising on TV.

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Despite Positive Business Climate, Westsiders Remain Dogged By Infrastructure, Homeless Issues

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