4 a.m. Update: Tropical Storm Barry’s center moves west-northwest, top winds 50 mph

The 4 a.m. Friday advisory has been released from the National Hurricane Center. Very little new information in this advisory:

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– The center, which still is organizing and is showing signs of thunderstorms beginning to form around it, has moved more west than north.’

The strongest winds are still displaced from the center of the storm, which would need to happen when the storm intensifies.

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As of 4’a.m. Friday, Tropical Storm Barry had not strengthened further after slightly strengthening overnight with winds of 50 mph Thursday night, although those winds are not at the center of circulation, which remains very broad.’

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Date: 5/25/2016 7:53:19 PM
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Not to change the topic here:

Watch Live: Radar tracks Tropical Storm Barry as it heads towards Gulf Coast

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6 things to do before Barry gets here

As of this morning, the disturbance brewing in the Gulf is officially Tropical Storm Barry’and he’s forecast to make landfall along the Louisiana coast early Saturday morning as a hurricane.

In the wake of yesterday’s flash floods, with the Mississippi River at record-tying levels and Barry on the horizon, many New Orleanians aren’t sure whether to stay in the city or go.

‘We are continuing monitoring levels of the Mississippi River and the potential for storm surge in the river,’ Mayor LaToya Cantrell said in a statement. ‘While it is uncertain what the impact will be, we will be affected and we need to be prepared.’

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