‘I’m The Shooter,’ El Paso Suspect Allegedly Told Police

Mourners gather at memorial crosses near the scene of a mass shooting at an El Paso, Texas, Walmart on Aug. 3. John Locher/AP hide caption

“Agents and police officers at the intersection then observed a male person ‘ the defendant ‘ exit out of the vehicle with his hands raised in the air and stated out loud to the agents, ‘I’m the shooter,’ ” the document states.

It appears the alleged shooter somehow evaded El Paso Police Department officers who arrived at the store about six minutes after receiving calls about a disturbance at the popular shopping center, which then became calls about a shooting in progress.

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In case you are keeping track:

‘I’m the shooter’: Accused El Paso gunman told police he was targeting Mexicans

The man accused of gunning down 22 people at an El Paso Walmart last week confessed to the grisly crime and admitted he was targeting people of Mexican descent, according to unsealed court documents Friday.

Patrick Crusius, 21, later waived his Miranda rights against self-incrimination and spoke with detectives.

The writer said he was angry about Mexican immigration long before the election of President Donald Trump, who based much of his 2016 campaign on building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

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El Paso suspect said he was targeting ‘Mexicans,’ told officers he was the shooter, police say

He told them, ‘I’m the shooter,’ Detective Adrian Garcia said in the affidavit, which was filed to a judge on Sunday, the day after the shooting.

Crusius has been in jail since surrendering. Videos for ' I ' m The Shooter ,' El Paso Suspect 1:18 Affidavit shows El Paso shooting suspect confessing he was targeting Mexicans Global News Authorities say he has been cooperative and has answered their questions. 0:48 El Paso suspect told police he was the shooter , said he was targeting Mexicans, reports say BitChute Greg Allen, the El Paso police chief, said the suspected attacker seemed to be ‘in a state of shock and confusion’ and has not shown any remorse to the investigators.

The car he emerged from on Saturday was about a half mile from the Walmart, stopped on a street that essentially divides shopping areas from residential areas.

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Trump campaign’s Facebook ads target Latinos in Texas days after shooting

‘nete ya!’ (‘Join now!) the video ad declared, before displaying footage of two smiling fans holding a sign with the slogan, ‘LATINOS FOR TRUMP/FUND THE WALL TOUR 2019/EL PASO, TX.’

The Trump campaign has launched 66 similar Facebook ads seeking support from Latinos since Monday, of which half were targeted primarily at voters in Texas, according to a Guardian analysis of Facebook’s political ad archive.

Perrine did not immediately respond to questions seeking clarification on the advertising ‘pause’. Hundreds of Trump campaign ads were live on Monday.

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Mother of El Paso suspect called police about son before shooting

The lawyer added that Crusius did not identify herself or her son to police when she made the call, and that the department did not file the call or follow up on it.’

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