Pro Wrestling News: Former WWE Women’s Champion confirms retirement due to physical toll

Despite its scripted nature, pro wrestling is one of the most physically demanding careers to pursue. Pro Wrestling News: Former WWE Superstar reportedly ... wwe / pro - wrestling - news - former - wwe -superstar-reportedly... Pro Wrestling News : Former WWE Superstar reportedly arrested at Tampa International Airport ... Interestingly enough, she was one of four women to win the WWE Hardcore Championship. Though, it's ... Unless it is someone like Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler – who is still active at 69 years old – most performers hang up their boots before they turn 50. Some even call it quits much earlier owing to different reasons.

Lisa Marie Varon, better known as Victoria to the WWE faithful, will be retiring from pro wrestling by the end of this year. The former WWE Women’s Champion was exclusively interviewed by WrestleZone’s Kevin Kellam, during which she revealed the reason behind the move to call it a day after being in the business for 19 years.

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AJ Lee On Wrestling Comeback: “Never Say Never”

Speaking to Kristine Leahy on her “Fair Game” show last night, AJ talked about what got her into wrestling. WWE News: Former WWE Superstar retires from wrestling wwe / wwe - news - former - wwe -superstar-retires-from- wrestling 2019 FIH Series Finals Women's ; ... Pro Wrestling News : Felony charges against former WWE Superstar dropped by prosecutors ... WWE News : Former WWE Superstar arrested for DWI, prohibited from ... There is a viral video of her crying when meeting Lita, but her fandom came at a young age with her brother.

“My brother was my best friend in the world growing up,” AJ stated. “He couldn’t stand me and he tried getting of me, but when we watched wrestling together he’d get me to shut up for a few minutes. Former WWE Women's Champion Victoria Set To Retire In 2019 ... / news / former - wwe - womens -champion-victoria-set-to-retire... Former WWE Women’s Champion Victoria will be hanging up her professional wrestling boots for good in 2019. Real name Lisa Marie Varon, the woman formerly known as Victoria won her very first WWE Women’s Championship at Survivor Series in November of 2002. Overall, she had two reigns as WWE Women’s Champion. We’d watch wrestling for a few years and this one day I thought, ‘I’m going to do that.’ I remember my mom walking past us and I went, ‘I’m going to be a wrestler when I grow up.’ and she thought that was nice. I was 12, and from that day I knew what I wanted to do.”

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WWE Needs Sasha Banks More Than She Needs WWE

The longer Banks’ hiatus goes, the less likely it’s seemed that she would ever appear in a WWE ring again. WWE News, Rumors, Spoilers, Results | Wrestling News wrestlingnews .co/ news / wwe - news The latest backstage WWE News , results, rumors, spoilers, and more professional wrestling news from all top promotions. But no matter how this saga ultimately turns out, one thing is clear: WWE needs Banks more than Banks needs WWE.

With Rousey and Nia Jax, two top acts, gone as other underappreciated female stars like Mickie James and Ruby Riott have been sidelined with injuries, the chinks in WWE’s armor have begun to show. The very talented women’s division just doesn’t have the spark it did when Rousey and Banks were around, and the division as a whole is significantly worse off because of it. WWE has relied on a core of five performers (Lynch, Flair, Bliss, Bayley and Lacey Evans) a bit too much and could use the breath of fresh air that a reinvigorated Banks could give it.

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