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Zwift’s Pro Esport League For Indoor Cyclists Kicks Off Tomorrow On Facebook With Real World Teams
Jan 22nd, 2019 00:49 UTC Tomorrow, via Facebook, sees the launch of a pro esports league founded by the multiplayer online training and racing platform Zwift. This is a London-based company leading the gamification of cycling

Russia says Facebook and Twitter are violating data laws
on 21st of Jan 2019 Russia has long wanted heavyweight social networks to store data inside the country, but now that’s becoming more than a vague threat. Communications overseer Roskomnadzor has started “administrative

Facebook hasn’t given up on the idea of building an internet drone
on 21st of Jan 2019 Facebook has been quietly continuing with its plan to use high-flying drones capable of bringing internet connectivity to communities in various parts of the world, according to a report this week. Th

Russia Accuses Facebook, Twitter of Failing to Comply With Data Laws
on 21st of Jan 2019 MOSCOW—Russia launched administrative action against Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. on Monday for failing to comply with its data laws, a move that comes just days after Facebook removed the accounts

Facebook is reportedly testing solar
on 21st of Jan 2019 Facebook last year grounded its ambitious plan to develop a solar-powered drone to beam internet across the world, but the company isn’t done with the concept, it seems. The social media giant

Facebook to add 1,000 new jobs in Ireland by year
on 21st of Jan 2019 DUBLIN (Reuters) – The social media giant Facebook will hire an additional 1,000 people at its international headquarters in Dublin this year, the second major jobs announcement from a U.S. multinatio

Russia opens civil case against Facebook, Twitter over data laws
on 21st of Jan 2019 Russia’s telecom regulator on Monday opened a civil case against Facebook and Twitter over their alleged failure to explain how they’ll comply with data laws. Roskomnadzor wants to know how and when t

Facebook Must Entice Users Not To Disengage
on 21st of Jan 2019 Facebook’s future is going to be determined by whether users uncomfortable with being tracked disengage from using Facebook services. So far, the data is indicating that almost no one has walked meani

Facebook’s Plans for Space Lasers Revealed
on 21st of Jan 2019 The snow-dusted peak of Mount Wilson in California has been home to many famous observatories. Until 1949, its 100-inch Hooker telescope was the largest aperture telescope in the world, and in

I don’t trust Facebook, but I can’t quit it either
(Jan 2019) Facebook had a rough 2018. My colleague Rob Price put together a list of Facebook scandals in 2018, and the list goes on and on. Seriously, go read it — especially if you have a Facebook account. I’ve