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Reddit’s best Android games of 2018 list is a bit of a shock
on 21st of Jan 2019 In the first month of 2019, Reddit’s AndroidGaming subreddit did a big vote session choosing the best mobile games of 2018. The winning games largely centered on – shockingly, perhaps – games that wer

Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian Aims To Put Armenia Back On The Spirits Map With Shakmat
on 21st of Jan 2019 The Reddit and Initialized Capital co-founder Alexis Ohanian has tapped into his Armenian heritage to bring to the American spirits market Armenian brandy, known as konyak in Armenia. Launched in coll

Reddit shuts down popular soccer streaming subreddit, but new ones pop
on 21st of Jan 2019 Soccer (forgive me, football gods) is arguably one of the most popular sports across the globe and has loads of fans tuning into matches via illegal video streams. These could be found easily

Reddit user solves the question – why is Corbin Bleu in Wikipedia’s top 3 list?
Jan 22nd, 2019 00:45 UTC Any student who’s ever had to do a research paper or report for school would be familiar with the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Its numerous pages and easy-to-read interface make it everyone

Reddit SoccerStreams Effectively Shuts Down Following Piracy Complaints
on 21st of Jan 2019 The hugely popular /r/soccerstreams discussion platform on Reddit has effectively shut down. The subreddit has well in excess of 420,000 subscribers but following a final warning from Reddit’s

Reddit Thinks This is the Greatest Photograph in History
on 21st of Jan 2019 There have been so many spectacular images taken since the dawn of the camera, but which one is the greatest photograph in history? Ever since the very first camera was used, mankind has been capturin

The Krassensteins’ Reddit AMA gets trolled off the internet
on 21st of Jan 2019 It wasn’t what they thought would happen. Over the last few years, Brian and Ed Krassenstein have become social media famous for obsessively tweeting at the president. The self-styled journalist twin

Reddit Soccer Streams SHUT DOWN after Premier league crackdown
on 21st of Jan 2019 Reddit Soccer Streams has been shut down after a Premier League crackdown on pirate broadcasting. The page has been closed over copyright concerns – with the majority of streams reportedly illegal. Th

10 Best Reddit Clients For Android And Windows
(Jan 2019) Reddit often referred to as the front page of the internet is one of the most popular social media platforms that is used by millions of users. Anything that you can think of has a subreddit. Reddit m

Pinellas child protective investigator posted case details on Reddit
(Jan 2019) A Pinellas child protective investigator was given a five-day suspension Thursday after an internal sheriff’s investigation found he posted confidential information about a case on the social media we