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Trump Just Put His Own National Emergency Declaration in Legal Jeopardy
(Feb 2019) said Liza Goitein of the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School, could dramatically complicate the Trump administration’s standing once the emergency declaration ends up in the c

Greetings from the sinking boat of Hungarian academia
(Feb 2019) I was a student of Kecskemét’s reformed high school and I indeed did not have the faintest idea . creates new humanities institutes after rearranging the scientific playing field. The government oft

Retired firefighter withdraws from North Las Vegas council race
(Feb 2019) Candidate Michael Estrada, a retired firefighter and paramedic, submitted a handwritten note withdrawing . Yates claims he was exposed to Agent Orange and attributes that to his health problems, whi

A Definitive Timeline of Betty and Jughead’s Relationship on ‘Riverdale’
(months ago) Here’s how we got here: Not long after Betty gets rejected by Archie on the night of the school dance, she focuses all of her . house along with the notebooks she left behind – and her note from the

The Oscar shorts: Quite a gut-punch
(Feb 2019) The computer tools notwithstanding, their tender drama adopts the look of old-school, hand-painted cels to tell the story . Parents be advised: Under no circumstances should young children be expose

2019 Chicago Auto Show – Everything You Need To Know
(Feb 2019) The big headline is a new paint option, which recalls Dodge’s racing past with a searing shade dubbed Sublime green . expected to rise much with the latest model year. Read our full review on the 20