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PLUS Review: What You Need to Know About Professional Liability Growth, Opportunity and Risk
(Nov 2018) Nov. 8 started with a review of directors and officers coverage and trends and . A meta-complication in the field is the blizzard of attention-grabbing social and business trends, from autonomous ve

Israeli Incursions into Gaza Are the Rule, Not the Exception
(Nov 2018) Henriette is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School . Editor’s note: In accordance with our legal obligation, this article was sent to the IDF Censor for review prior to publication.

Ending University Tolerance of Antisemitism
(Nov 2018) High school guidance counselors should be notified . These measures were taken after Michigan was heaped with scorn (note the impact of bad publicity) when the story about the professor was exposed.

Resistance to 5G: Roadblock to a High Tech Future or Warning of a Serious Health Risk?
(Nov 2018) Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field . exposed to millimeter waves at levels that will be used for 5G. “And the industry and our government says

MartinLogan Dynamo 600X and Dynamo 1600X Subwoofer Review
(Nov 2018) As promised in our preview article, here is a full review of two of the new . I had placed it in a near-field position, right behind my listening position, and it blurred my vision every time a bass

The Godfather of Gay Studies
(since Oct, 2018) In 1972 he came out publicly, first in an aside in his Black Mountain book and then in an essay in The New York Times Book Review, and the following year . dean emerita of New York University’s Grad