Notre Dame Cathedral fire, NFL regular season schedule: 5 things to know Wednesday

France’s leader calls for unity to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral, the NFL regular season schedule and more news to start your day.

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NFL teams and fans will learn who plays whom and when Wednesday’in the league’s landmark 100th season.’ We do know’in advance that the league will depart’from recent precedent of having the defending champion host the Thursday night opener. Notre Dame Cathedral fire , NFL regular News Notre Dame Cathedral fire, NFL regular season schedule: 5 things to know ... The Arizona Republic 20 minutes ago 118 million at risk as severe storms, tornadoes, could hit central and southern U.S. Another severe weather outbreak is forecast ... Instead, the’Chicago Bears will host the’Green Bay Packers on’Sept. 5. Super Bowl LIII champ New England is expected to host the Sunday Night Football matchup in Week 1. Make sure to follow USA TODAY Sports for all the latest news as the NFL will reveal its 2019 regular season schedule at 8 p.m. ET.

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Notre-Dame Photos: A Fire and Its Aftermath

With the flames extinguished, the smoke clear and a new sun risen over Paris, the French got a heartening confirmation on Tuesday: The Cathedral of Notre-Dame still stands.

It is scorched, battered and missing its spire and much of its roof, but the 800-year-old Gothic masterwork that symbolized both a place and a culture is a monument to be repaired, not mourned.

Indeed, even as firefighters scoured the ashes and debris for any lingering embers, and investigators worked to determine the cause of the blaze, the French authorities were putting in motion an international fund-raising drive to reconstruct the landmark.

Notre Dame, France’s heart on fire

The words speckled my screen just before sunset: Incendie ‘ Notre Dame, Christophe typed, fresh out of a daily contractor meeting for an office tower rising up on the south edge of Paris. Nothing had fallen yet. We both assumed it was a minor accident that the famous Pompiers de Paris would quickly quell. ‘May God be with them’: Cleveland Bishop prays for Paris as Notre Dame ... 19 Action News 1 day ago “Catholics around the world are heartbroken over the destruction by fire of the famed Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris ... The ... By the time my husband climbed up the metro stairs a half-hour later, flames had eaten the lead-sheathed wooden spire mounted atop the transept at the heart of the cathedral. Videos for Notre Dame Cathedral Fire , NFL Regular 0:37 Tornados, flooding and death left in southern storms' wake USATODAY By nightfall the central roof was gone. From our small sixth-floor balcony, I watched chimneys of orange smoke puff toward the sky until after midnight.

Notre Dame Cathedral fire, NFL regular season schedule: 5 things to know Wednesday

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