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Juba South Sudan

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South Sudan president: I was ‘almost trembling’ as Pope Francis begged me to make peace
(May 2019) Juba, South Sudan, May 20, 2019 / 04:32 pm (CNA).- In an unprecedented gesture last month, Pope Francis kissed the feet of several South Sudanese leaders, who were visiting the Vatican for a retreat,

There’s Still Hope for South Sudan
(May 2019) JUBA, South Sudan—Virtually everything in South Sudan appears rigged in favor of the few. It begins with the economy, with so much oil revenue and so little to show for it. The capital, Juba, has few

Juba forum explores ways to advance the status of women in South Sudan (Joshua Mmali)
(May 2019) A two-day national advocacy forum on women, peace and security has concluded in Juba, with discussions having focused on ways to influence and achieve women’s effective participation in

South Sudan Warring Parties Sued Over Delay to Form Government
(May 2019) chairman of the South Sudan Civil Society Alliance. “The only institution that can look into this illegal action is the court,” Nyanhom said in an interview in the capital, Juba, on Friday. “What we

South Sudan: Briefing | What’s Behind South Sudan’s Delayed Peace Deal
(May 2019) Juba/South Sudan — Now that the implementation of South Sudan’s shaky peace agreement has officially been delayed by six months, worries are mounting that a half year leaves enough time for

UN Steps Up Measures to Combat Ebola at South Sudan
(May 2019) The UN, the World Health Organization and South Sudan’s Health Ministry are training medical staff and have moved equipment to centers near the border to screen people, UN head of mission David

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