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[ Pandemic brings Trump’s war on science to the boil ‘ but who will win? ]

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In endorsing Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama offers pointed critique of Trump White House amid coronavirus pandemic

Barack Obama endorsed Joe Biden for president Tuesday, calling him the best person to lead the nation amid the coronavirus pandemic while also offering a pointed critique of Republican President Donald Trump’s leadership and his response to the health crisis.

Obama called for a ‘great awakening’ among the American people to fight Trump’s divisive politics while seeking to unite the Democratic Party’s progressive left behind the more moderate Biden by calling his campaign ‘the most progressive platform of any major party nominee in history.’

‘Choosing Joe to be my vice president was one of the best decisions I ever made, and he became a close friend,’ the former president said. ‘And I believe Joe has all the qualities we need in a president right now.’

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Coronavirus shakes the conceit of ‘American exceptionalism’

When the coronavirus pandemic came from distant lands to the United States, it was met with cascading failures and incompetencies by a system that exists to prepare, protect, prevent and cut citizens a check in a national crisis.

The molecular menace posed by the new coronavirus has shaken the conceit of ‘American exceptionalism’ like nothing big enough to see with your own eyes.

A nation with unmatched power, brazen ambition and aspirations through the arc of history to be humanity’s ‘shining city upon a hill’ cannot come up with enough simple cotton swabs despite the wartime manufacturing and supply powers assumed by President Donald Trump.

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How New Jersey’s Governor Figured Out Trump

Phil Murphy’s cellphone rang and rang. He ignored the first two calls. Pandemic brings trumps war on science to News Pandemic brings Trump's war on science to the boil – but who will win?The Guardian on MSN.com1 hour agoThe look on her face will be remembered as one of the defining images of the coronavirus crisis. As Dr Deborah Birx, coordinator ... Then an aide told the New Jersey governor that the caller had tried to reach him through his family. Science On The Ballot: Coronavirus Brings Culture And Expertise To 2020 ...WBUR7 days agoAs COVID-19 takes over the political conversation, Americans' ambivalence about science — and "experts" in general — is likely to ... It was President Donald Trump. Murphy had to take it.’

Murphy’s assessment of America’s response so far: ‘I mean, we just were not ready. Pandemic brings Trump's war on science to the boil – but ... brings Trump's war on science to the boil – but who will win? Is science losing the battle for reason in the pandemic? Illustration: Michelle Thompson/The Guardian; Source Photographs ... I’m not sure I understand all the reasons why we weren’t ready, but I know we weren’t ready.’

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Edward-Isaac Dovere: You’re high risk for infection. Pandemic brings Trump's war on science to the boil – but ... _the_boilPandemic brings Trump's war on science to the boil – but who will win? ... Trump claims the media misrepresented his coronavirus cure comments. Video proves otherwise. The president is now routinely lying about things we saw with our own eyes and that are on tape. How does that perspective inform your thinking?

Phil Murphy: Each day we read out a few of the obituaries and memorialize some of the lives lost, [so] that it never becomes just a question of numbers, that it’s always about specific human beings and lives lived. Trump Resuming War on Science, at the Worst Possible Moment Trump has turned away from positioning himself as a “wartime president” defeating the virus, and is looking to unwind social distancing measures. Conservatives have convinced him the ... So I don’t think it ever would have been abstract, but boy, I’ll tell you, having lived through a challenging health crisis myself and now going through this, it certainly made it even more real and more tangible than it otherwise would have been. It’s in the back of your mind. I don’t dwell on it. It’s just a reality that I accept.

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