I’m 76 and I don’t feel aged.

[ Patti LaBelle Shares Her Secret to Feeling Youthful ]
With decades worth of hit songs, Patti LaBelle is internationally celebrated as a powerhouse singer.

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PL: No, the most, most interesting thing is that I feel like I’m 40. I’m 76 and I don’t feel aged.

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PL: I like to be with people who are fun. And sometimes those people are not my age; the 76-year-old people that I know, they’re not usually like’see, I love Tupac, I love California Love and The Club and Ain’t Nobody, I like dancing to those gangster songs, you know? And I think it keeps me going. My grandkids say, ‘Oh, Grandma, you know that song?’ I say, ‘Yeah, girls, that’s before your time.’ But they watch me for encouragement. As they turn 7 and 4, they’ll say, ‘Oh, Grandma is old, but she doesn’t act old.’ So I feel that doing things like dancing and moving around and, and pranking and all the fun things that I do has kept me happy.

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Many things are taking place:

EXCLUSIVE: Patti LaBelle Talks Beauty Secrets, Cooking For Celebrities, And Why She Loves Old Spice!

For most,’Patti LaBelle‘s commercial appearance as an Old Spice-loving mother-in-law was hilarious. For the soulful singer, it was a nostalgic moment that came full circle.

‘My father was a dresser. I think that’s where I get my style from,’ LaBelle shared with’BET Style’exclusively. ‘He would take three showers a day and change into the most beautiful suits. And he always smelled of Old Spice. Those memories will never leave.’

She continued, ‘Old Spice was a thing for men. And now for women. Why can’t women have what the men’had?” It was great to do the commercial with’Deon Cole’and’Gabrielle Dennis. My father would roll over and say, ‘Oh, she talkin’ about what I used to wear.’

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Patti Labelle: Nothing Scares Me After Appearing on ‘DWTS’ and ‘The Masked Singer’ in Her 70s

In 2019, Philadelphia named a street after hometown girl Patti LaBelle ‘ but that’s only fair. She’s a legend! Since the disco classic ‘Lady Marmalade’ taught everyone to speak naughty French in 1974, Patti has sold 50 million records in the soul, gospel, pop and R&B genres. And at 77, the Grammy-winning performer with the powerhouse soprano voice is still going strong. ‘As long as I’m walking, talking and still in great mind, I have no reason to want to retire. I love to sing!’ she tells Closer.

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Patti LaBelle Opens up about Dating at 77 after Divorce from Husband of 32 Years

The Hollywood spotlight has been shining on Patti LaBelle for several years. In 1960, she became the lead singer of Patti LaBelle and the Bluebells. By 1976, she became a successful solo artist.

Her’timeless songs such as “Stir It Up” and “On My Own”‘continue to delight music lovers to this day.’After years of successfully flying solo, she recently expressed her thoughts about dating.

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The renowned singer shared her candid thoughts about romance in’a recent interview with People. Setting the record straight that’she’s not interested in dating again at her age of 77,’LaBelle said:

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Patti LaBelle Says She Cooks to Make People Happy: ‘When I Cook, It’s Like a Concert on the Stove’

The soul music icon also dished on her must-have items to bring to barbecues and “even on the flights,” she tells PEOPLE

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As the iconic soul music singer, 77, celebrates the 20th-anniversary re-release of her famed New York Times best-selling cookbook, LaBelle Cuisine: Recipes to Sing About, she opens up to PEOPLE about what cooking for others means to her and her family.

“I cook to be happy and I cook to make people happy. And when I feed you, if you don’t ask for seconds or takeout, I’m going to be angry, because it’s from my soul,” the Godmother of Soul says on the latest episode of the PEOPLE Every Day podcast.'”I give it like I’m doing a show. When I cook, it’s like a concert on the stove to me.”

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Patti LaBelle, the Doyenne of Philadelphia Soul

At 76, she is the embodiment of success, the personification of warmth and an artist who changed the landscape of American music.

Patti LaBelle, photographed at her home in Villanova, Pa., on Oct. 14, 2020. Gucci dress, $3,980, gucci.com, and LaBelle’s own earrings, bracelet and ring.Credit…Photograph by Hank Willis Thomas and Deb Willis. Styled by Alex Harrington

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PATTI LABELLE’S superpower is a spellbinding scream ‘ a refined shriek, really ‘ that makes hairs stand at attention, bones shiver and spines twist. It was 1975 when I first heard it. I was 10, in my parents’ South Bronx tenement, where the radio station WBLS ‘ offering ‘the total Black experience in sound,’ as the promos said ‘ was always on during our morning rush to school. That’s when it hit me ‘ ‘Creole Lady Marmalaaaaade,’ the last word of those titular lyrics, which debuted the year before, filling the air. My first Patti LaBelle moment. There have been many such moments since ‘ like hearing ‘Love, Need and Want You‘ (1983), which I put on the very first slow-jam tape I made as a teen ‘ and with each one, the only logical reaction is to throw up your hands, kick off your shoes and, on occasion, break out in a praise dance.

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