He is also no longer a Twitch partner according to current Twitch partner CommanderRoot, so this

[ Popular Super Smash Bros. Streamer ZeRo Has Been Banned From Twitch ]
Twitch has joined Facebook Gaming and Tempo Storm in severing ties with the former Smash pro after allegations of sexual misconduct.

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Despite only being suspended recently, ZeRo had not streamed in 2020 at all. He is also no longer a Twitch partner according to current Twitch partner CommanderRoot, so this could dissuade him from returning if he is un-banned.

So far, it appears that ZeRo is receiving the same treatment, with his ban duration still currently sitting as a question mark. After additional allegations came to light, the streamer deleted his tweets and has left social media, which means we may not be getting insights from him any time soon.

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Smash Bros. Pro ZeRo Banned From Twitch For Preying On Minors

Super Smash Bros.‘streamer and esports pro ZeRo has been banned from Twitch for sending sexually explicit messages to minors. This is one of many ongoing situations involving Twitch partners being caught in or accused of sexual misconduct. Twitch gave a controversial statement last month about their investigations into all allegations and that consequences would be coming.

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Twitch bans ZeRo after admitting to sexual misconduct with minors

Weeks after admitting to sexual misconduct and predatory behavior involving two underage girls, being released by Tempo Storm, and having his contract terminated by Facebook Gaming, retired Super Smash Bros. player and streamer Gonzalo ‘ZeRo’ Barrios’ Twitch channel has also been banned.

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ZeRo permanently banned from Twitch after harassment allegations

One of Super Smash Bros.’s most popular streamers, Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios, has been permanently banned from Twitch.’

The streaming platform appeared to make the decision after ZeRo admitted to sending sexually-charged and inappropriate messages to a minor when he was 19-years-old, though Twitch hasn’t made a public statement on the matter.’

The Smash community was torn when the allegations against ZeRo first arose. They’d come after a string of other serious accusations against other top players, and many of ZeRo’s fans felt that his accusations weren’t as damning. For a while, many were also claiming that ZeRo hadn’t even known that the girls were underage at the time, but that was later debunked by screenshots showing him acknowledging their age on Skype.’

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The ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Community Reckons With Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Over the past week, allegations of rampant sexual misconduct have quaked the Super Smash Bros. pantheon of top players and personalities.

The allegations come amid a broader reckoning over sexual misconduct in the videogame industry. But in interviews with WIRED, competitive Smash players and fans say the community’s informal structure, egalitarian ideals, and multigenerational appeal have all inadvertently contributed to an unsafe environment. Others say a culture of hero worship and a fear of social repercussions have allowed misconduct to fly under the radar for years. As the Smash esports #MeToo moment persists, those closest to the game are taking a biopsy of its rotten tissue.

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