Predicting WWE. In less than four months, 2020 will end and many people will hope for better things.

[ Predicting all WWE title holders at the end of 2020 ]

It’s already September in one of the craziest years in recent memory. In less than four months, 2020 will end and many people will hope for better things. While it’s a bit difficult to predict everything, wishful thinking at least gives us the hope that everything will hopefully be better once the calendar shifts to 2021. WWE is no different.

From putting on shows without crowds to embracing pre-taped, cinematic wrestling matches, WWE has truly lived up to the adage that “the show must go on.” During the era of no live audiences, stars like Apollo Crews and Shayna Baszler have won their first major titles in WWE. Drew McIntyre has won other titles before, but not the WWE Championship, and he won that title in his first official shot at it.

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In case you are keeping track:

Bold Predictions for WWE and AEW for Rest of 2020

With around three months left in 2020, it’s time to make bold predictions for the rest of arguably the wildest year in wrestling history.

Through an ongoing pandemic and the rise of a fledgling company, WWE and All Elite Wrestling have handled the adversity well. With that said, the brands will be looking to make an unmistakable impact for the remainder of 2020.

Whether its current champions holding their titles until 2021, Superstars making a surprise appearance or a familiar face returning to the top of the card, there are plenty of big moments possibly on the horizon.

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Predicting The Next 10 WWE Universal Champions

Ever since it was introduced in the summer of 2016, the WWE Universal Championship has never felt as important as it currently does. As it turns out, having Brock Lesnar dominate the scene for about two years won’t help the title picture in the long run, particularly when he only shows up once or twice a millennium.

However, at the time of writing, the blue strap now feels more important than the WWE Championship held by Drew McIntyre. With a freshly heel Roman Reigns standing as the current champ, the title once again feels worth paying attention to, which was needed after a fairly dismal feud between former holders Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman.

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WWE SummerSlam predictions: Champions are in trouble

Sunday at SummerSlam (7 p.m., WWE Network) could be a bad night for WWE’s current title holders ‘ especially at the top ‘ with six championship matches scheduled on the eight-match card at Orlando’s Amway Center. WWE champion Drew McIntryre faces his toughest challenge yet in Randy Orton and Universal champion Braun Strowman will finally come face to face in the ring with ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt. Sasha Banks and Bayley could both lose their respective titles to Asuka on the same night. Don’t be surprised if an Intercontinental championship rematch is added late after Jeff Hardy took the title from A.J. Styles on Friday’s SmackDown.

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WWE Considering Another Surprising Rematch For WrestleMania 37

Ideally, WWE would already have concrete plans in place for WrestleMania 37 because long-term planning typically results in better storytelling, but there are so many factors to consider here that it’s perhaps even unreasonable for WWE to know what it might do next March. The uncertain contract status of stars like Lesnar, the reality that the Covid-19 pandemic could still be impacting major live events next year and the potential for an unforeseen Kofi Kingston-like rise from a midcard star could make all these plans moot.

For now, McIntyre vs. Lesnar is a possibility for WrestleMania 37, as is Edge vs. Orton. But as was the case this year when the Universal title picture was flipped upside down after Reigns withdrew from WWE programming, it’s virtually impossible to predict the unpredictable.

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