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Reddit Helped Me Heal From a Painful 20
on 16th of Feb 2020 I was born with a hole in the roof of my mouth. When I tell people about my cleft palate, they look at my now flawless grin with awe and say, “Wow, I would have never known.” I laugh politely every

An insider’s guide to Reddit’s advice communities — where strangers solicit and give tips on everything from STDs to what to have for dinner
(Feb 2020) There are over 1.8 million subreddits, many of which allow users to ask questions and offer advice. Not everyone is an expert.

Reddit’s Female Dating Strategy offers women advice — and a strict rulebook for how to act
(Feb 2020) But while FDS’s advice can seem appealing at first, underneath is a socially conservative approach that’s often deeply critical of women and their behaviors, placing limits on how they can act and

Waiters are sharing the most awkward Valentine’s Day dates they’ve witnessed on Reddit — and they will make you cringe
(Feb 2020) Long story short, maybe don’t plan your proposal in a public place if you don’t know how she is going to respond.

Reddit No Longer Cares About The Price Of Bitcoin And That’s Bad
(Feb 2020) Reddit was once very important to bitcoin and the cryptocurrency community—but now that no longer seems to be the

Reddit Users Tell Us How To Be The Type Of Person Who Falls Asleep Fast
(Feb 2020) Sleep is such a precious commodity for a mom of three. I’ll take all the help I can get! Reddit user LondonDude123 came to r/AskReddit to pose the question many of us have spent our entire lives

A Beginner’s Guide to Reddit: How to Get Started & Be Successful
(Feb 2020) In this Reddit guide, you will learn what Reddit is, why it is such an important social platform, and what makes it different than all the other social platforms. You will also learn what you need to

This Reddit Theory Says Peter Weber Ends Up With One of His Producers
(Feb 2020) Some fans now believe that Peter ends up in a relationship with Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca. The theory first appeared on Reddit (as most theories do), and it’s been covered by Cosmopolitan and

Reddit Marketing – What You Need to Know
(Feb 2020) When it comes to Social Media marketing, there is an unexpected and often overlooked platform . Reddit Marketing. I recently did an Alexa ranking on the website Reddit and discovered that it was the

Have questions about the Iowa caucuses? Come ask us on Reddit!
(Feb 2020) Our political team has been working around the clock to find answers to questions being asked about the Iowa caucuses. Join us for a Reddit AMA.

EastEnders Natalie Cassidy Sonia Fowler. Speaking with The Mirror’s Notebook magazine, the star coyly said Sonia just “loves human beings”
on 16th of Feb 2020 EASTENDERS' Natalie Cassidy has hinted at another lesbian relationship for her character Sonia Fowler ' Speaking with The Mirror's Notebook magazine, the star coyly said Sonia just "loves human beings" and "who knows what the future holds" ' ,

I might return, I might not. ‘PS: Don’t worry… I’m fine, folks… and I’m taking this
on 16th of Feb 2020 Annie Wallace has quit Twitter following the news of Caroline Flack's passing (Picture: Getty/Wenn)

Alzheimer Barbara Windsor Scott Mitchell EastEnders. The 82-year
on 16th of Feb 2020 Dame Barbara Windsor's husband has opened up about her struggles with Alzheimer's and how she says, 'I used to work behind that bar,' when they watch EastEnders ' The 82-year-old appeared in the BBC1 soap as Peggy Mitchell,

Why Abi Coronation Street. The feisty mechanic firmly cemented her status as a Corrie icon with a stunning scene which saw her
(Feb 2020) Abi Franklin was instantly hailed a hero during Friday's Coronation Street double bill when she exposed Ray Crosby as a sexual predator ' The feisty mechanic firmly cemented her status as a Corrie icon with a stunning scene which saw her steal Ray .

EastEnders Natalie Cassidy. The 36 year old actress, who plays Sonia Fowler on the BBC soap, opened up about her self confidence
(Feb 2020) EastEnders actress Natalie Cassidy has opened up about feeling 'confident' and 'at ease' with herself after loosing three stone in weight ' The 36 year old actress, who plays Sonia Fowler on the BBC soap,

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