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Record Shutdown Is A Massive Washington Failure

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GOP in disarray as budget impasse threatens shutdown, deep cuts — and default
(Jun 2019) Senate Republicans and the Trump administration are struggling to reach an agreement on a path forward on critical budget and spending issues, threatening not only another government shutdown and

Washington wrestles with symbol of past as drug kingpin seeks early release from prison
on 16th of Jun 2019 As he sat on his porch the other day, Amir Ali marveled that he never could have enjoyed such a simple pleasure a generation ago, when the city’s most notorious drug lord turned his Northeast

Kushner Sees a Problem in Trump’s Fund
(Jun 2019) WASHINGTON — His plan for ending a 35-day government shutdown failed to deliver a compromise . “As long as we’re breaking records, I don’t care.” A person close to Mr. Kushner, who was not

Washington High Court to Decide Legislator Exemption on Public Records
(Jun 2019) The Washington State Capitol in Olympia . tried to pass legislation exempting themselves from public records disclosure. Gov. Jay Inslee vetoed the first attempt after it provoked a massive public

Is Oregon ready for another step forward after a bumpy 2018?
(Jun 2019) Projected 2019 record and S&P+ ranking . Oregon started 5-1 last year, but a win over Washington triggered a midseason funk. A top-10 team can’t let that happen. Herbert’s supporting cast has

Why big tech is the new Wall Street, Washington’s whipping boy
(Jun 2019) But that success plus the insularity of Silicon Valley has made too many of its leaders believe their press releases and delight in the mile after mile of shiny new buildings and the massive . by

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