Ref at center of dreadlocks scandal banned for 2 years from state events

Alan Maloney, the New Jersey wrestling referee who ignited a national firestorm when he instructed a mixed-race wrestler to cut his dreadlocks or forfeit a match last December,

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Maloney will not be allowed to officiate any preseason, regular season, postseason or tournament matches for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons, according to the decision. New Jersey Officials Now Investigating Racist Wrestling ... /new-jersey-officials-investigating-racist-wrestling- referee ... The white referee who ordered a black wrestler at a New Jersey high school to cut off his dreadlocks is now being officially investigated by NJ state high school athletic officials, according to TMZ. He also will be required to complete implicit bias training before he’s eligible to be reinstated.

The penalties against Maloney for his actions during a match last year at Buena High are part of a sweeping decision handed down Wednesday after an unprecedented eight-and-a-half-month joint investigation by the Division on Civil Rights and the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association.

The agreement also requires the NJSIAA to mandate first-of-its-kind implicit bias training for all referees, coaches and athletic administrators, including hair discrimination training. Videos for Ref At Center Of Dreadlocks Scandal New Jersey Officials Now Investigating Racist Wrestling Referee At Center Of Dreadlocks Controversy - Perez Hilton The DCR also issued a new ‘Guidance on Race Discrimination Based on Hairstyle’ to explain when treating people differently due to their hairstyle may violate the state’s anti-discrimination laws.

Date: 2019-09-18T17:39:24.000Z
Author: Matthew Stanmyre
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Dr. Jerram said it was a potential loss of limb situation and you had to take it for your own safety. The ref at center of dreadlocks controversy takes first ... /atlantic/2019/03/the- ref - at-center - of-dreadlocks -controversy-takes... The ref at center of dreadlocks controversy takes first step to sue for defamation , emotional distress Did you realise it was that serious at the time?

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