Rumor: Pokemon Switch Titles Revealed, Will Be Pokemon Yellow Remake


We know that new Pokemon games are coming to the Nintendo Switch, but we don’t have many details beyond that.

Details given. This information was provided.

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Jumping ahead.

The word going around is that the first Pokemon game to grace the Switch will actually be a pseudo-remake of Yellow from the first generation. This, of course, was the third version that allowed Pikachu to walk along with you and was a bit more akin to the popular anime.

The two versions will be entitled Pokemon: Let’s Go!’One version is for Pikachu, the other for another Kanto mainstay in Eevee. This is according to a post on 4Chan from April 1 that picked up steam early Tuesday morning. A logo that was posted back in March also began making the rounds online.

/vp/ – >>35240933 Pok’mon Let’s GO! Pikachu Edition and P – Pok’mon – 4chan