RUMOR: Video Game Casting Call Points to Bully 2


Based on a set of alleged video game motion capture/voice acting casting calls, the rumor mill is pointing to Bully 2 as Rockstar Games’ next project,

Details given. First here as indicated.

The information about the casting call comes from casting director Jessica Jefferies, and of course the information is as deliberately vague as it gets. There are seven in total, attributed to an unannounced video game from a ‘leading UK games developer,’ to be recorded at Pinewood Studios, which is located in London.

The calls have placeholder character names, and are mostly for younger roles. There is a warning of sorts applied to them as well, quoted below:

In case you are keeping track:

The rocks of rumour threatening journalism

The Dros rapist case has become a prime example of the challenge to the media’s self-regulatory responsibilities, not only to report news accurately and truthfully, but also to minimise harm, and to act independently while staying accountable to their readers, listeners, viewers and society at large.

In’The Odyssey, Homer’s epic poem, the goddess Circe tells Odysseus about the dangers two monsters hold in store for his small ship when it enters a narrow sea passage near Mount Erebus. Odysseus pleads with her:

The Dros attack has brought important aspects of the media’s role in society to the fore. Firstly, with another example from Greek mythology, the Argos-eyes of smart phone cameras bring unprecedented potential access to news. Videos of incidents like that at the Dros have become common on social media.

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Could Earl Thomas help the Chiefs’ sagging defense?

There’s something not quite right with the 2-0 Kansas City Chiefs. The offense led by Patrick Mahomes and a brilliant cast of offensive playmakers looks great, but the defense is … bad. One option to fix that sagging unit might be disgruntled Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas.

The Chiefs are interested to some degree in trading for Thomas, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen.

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How ‘Suspiria’ Transformed Tilda Swinton Into an 82-Year

Tilda Swinton is one of Hollywood’s most chameleonic actresses: She has played wicked queens, frumpy housewives and David Bowie. So when rumors spread that in the new film ‘Suspiria,’ the 57-year-old Swinton was secretly cast as an 82-year-old male psychoanalyst, it seemed both outlandish and perfectly believable.

The movie, a remake of Dario Argento’s 1977 horror classic that is due Oct. 26, stars Dakota Johnson as a young dancer who enrolls at an all-female Berlin dance academy only to find out that it is run by a coven of witches. The troupe’s artistic director, Madame Blanc, is played by an unadorned Swinton, but internet sleuths have also pegged Swinton as playing Dr. Josef Klemperer, the film’s third lead, under mounds of makeup.

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