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Russell Westbrook And Why The Jazz Fan Had To Be Banned

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Russell Westbrook and Why the Jazz Fan Had to Be Banned
(Mar 2019) After Russell Westbrook’s verbal altercation with a fan in Utah Monday night, there was immediate support from around the NBA and within his locker room. “At the end of the day,” OKC teammate

Russell Westbrook Explains Incident, Reveals Comments by Jazz Fan
(Mar 2019) But to understand why it happened . On this recent occasion, one fan found himself on the wrong side of Steven Adams’ wrath. Westbrook and Adams are no strangers to controversy and in the

NBA star Russell Westbrook threatens fan after comments he deemed “racial”
(Mar 2019) Editor’s Note: The fan . why security didn’t do something about the fans earlier. However, Keisel told KSL-TV a different account of how the verbal exchange went down. Shane Keisel, the Jazz fan who

Westbrook threatens courtside fan, fan’s wife
(Mar 2019) SALT LAKE CITY — Russell Westbrook expressed no regrets about a heated exchange with a fan during the Oklahoma City Thunder’s win over the Utah Jazz on Monday night . for my family,” said Westbrook