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Rare Pocket Watch to Hit Auction
(Mar 2019) A rare timepiece by one the world’s most revered watchmakers will soon be available at auction. The George Daniels Grand Complication Pocket Watch, a handmade masterpiece by the preeminent British

New PocketBeagle pocket sized Linux computer $29.95
on 21st of Mar 2019 If you are searching for an affordable and small yet powerful Linux computer, you may be interested in the new PocketBeagle Linux computer which offers just that for $29.95. The tiny computer is now

Adverse childhood experiences tied to higher out-of
(Mar 2019) A study has found that out-of-pocket health care spending and medical debt are substantially higher when adults have a history of adverse childhood experiences. The study showed that household medical

One Good Find: Instant-Read Pocket Thermometer
on 21st of Mar 2019 On special occasions like holidays or birthdays, my aunt cooks a beautiful beef tenderloin for the entire extended family. The finished dish is truly awe-inspiring, but unfortunately, the process of