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Reddit group becomes flashpoint in sex abuse scandal at La Luz del Mundo church
(Jul 2019) Growing up, Sandra Martinez’s world revolved around La Luz del Mundo church. She shoveled dirt as a teenager to help build a new church in Houston. Years later, when the church asked congregants to

Walmart employees are terrified after the company fired an employee for posting confidential information to Reddit (WMT)
(Jul 2019) Some Walmart employees are fearful that the company is spying on their social-media activity after a worker was fired this week for anonymous Reddit postings. The fired employee was a regular

Reddit is finally back online after an hours
(Jul 2019) Reddit is back online for desktop users after an hours-long outage early Thursday morning. Reddit’s status page said it was still investigating some residual issues, so users may still have some

Reddit went down for thousands of users on Thursday morning
(Jul 2019) Reddit, the popular message board discussion site, stopped working for thousands of users on Thursday morning. Redditors reported issues via website outage monitor and social media.

People are stapling bread to trees and sharing the photos on Reddit
(Jul 2019) Because logic has no place in our current universe, people are stapling slices of bread to trees and bragging about it online. The residents of Sheffield, England, are the latest to become aware of

Reddit is back up after hours of service disruption
(Jul 2019) UPDATE: July 11, 2019, 11:15 a.m. EDT Service to has been restored. The original story follows below. Uh-oh: Reddit is down. Stay calm, don’t panic. There are still plenty are of places

Reddit is down so find another way to waste time at work
(Jul 2019) Uh-oh: Reddit is down. Stay calm, don’t panic. There are still plenty are of places on the internet to get adorb cat pics. The internet’s “front page” has been having issues since 3:54 a.m. ET

Walmart Employees Realize the Company Is Monitoring Them on Reddit, Retaliate With Union Memes
(Jul 2019) On Monday morning, the Reddit user bdonvr wrote a post bidding his fellow users on the Walmart subreddit farewell. “Well /r/Walmart, it’s been great. But HO caught up with me,” he wrote.

Walmart Employees Flood Reddit With Pro
(Jul 2019) The subreddit r/Walmart has nearly 55,000 members, many who self-identify as current or former employees, making the site a bellwether of employee morale at the retail giant. While the Walmart forum

Purple Mountains’ David Berman Talks Staying Sober, Stephen Malkmus, And His “Best” Song In Reddit AMA
(Jul 2019) A few days ago, David Berman released his first album in ten years, the self-titled debut album for his new Purple Mountains project. The album rollout was peppered with rare, candid interviews,

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