Secret Taliban peace talks at Camp David floated, scrapped within a week, U.S. officials say

President Donald Trump’s decision to hold a meeting in Washington with Taliban leaders and Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani to try to solidify a peace deal to end the 18-year-long war was first discussed about a week ago, according to U.S. officials and others briefed on the discussion.

The idea raised Sept. 1 during a Situation Room meeting with the president was vehemently opposed by national security adviser John Bolton, even as officials at the State Department argued it could move the parties closer to an agreement, officials said.

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Trump criticized over cancelling meeting with Taliban leaders

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How Trump’s Plan to Secretly Meet With the Taliban Came Together, and Fell Apart

WASHINGTON ‘ On the Friday before Labor Day, President Trump gathered top advisers in the Situation Room to consider what could be among the profound decisions of his presidency ‘ a peace plan with the Taliban after 18 years of grinding, bloody war in Afghanistan.

Mr. Trump made no decision on the spot, but at some point during the meeting the idea was floated to finalize the negotiations in Washington, a prospect that appealed to the president’s penchant for dramatic spectacle. Videos for Secret Taliban Peace Talks At Camp David 0:53 President Trump calls off secret peace talks with the Taliban TODAY Mr. Trump suggested that he would even invite President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan, whose government has not been party to the talks, and get him to sign on.

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Trump proves he’s a better dealbreaker than dealmaker ‘ this time, with the Taliban

‘Deals are my art form,’ President Trump proclaimed in his ghostwritten book, ‘The Art of the Deal.’ ‘Other people paint beautifully on canvas or write wonderful poetry. 1:57 Trump cancels secret talks with Taliban , faces backlash for Camp David invitation NBC News I like making deals, preferably big deals.’ It’s true that Trump likes making deals. Secret Taliban peace talks at Camp David floated, scrapped ... /en-us/news/politics/ secret-taliban-peace-talks-at-camp-david ... Secret Taliban peace talks at Camp David floated, scrapped within a week Kristen Welker and Carol E. Lee and Courtney Kube and Josh Lederman. 24 mins ago. Report: Dolphins deny players asking for ... He’s just not very good at it. In fact, he may be the worst dealmaker ever to occupy the Oval Office. The abrupt disintegration of his accord with the Taliban provides the latest evidence that he’s too impetuous and ignorant to be a successful negotiator.

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Jim Hanson: Collapse of peace talks with Taliban makes clear we should do THIS in Afghanistan

The secret meeting was part of an effort to reach a peace agreement to end our 18-year-old war in Afghanistan ‘ the longest conflict in American history. Trump calls off secret Camp David peace talks with Taliban ... /.../7/trump-calls- secret - camp - david - peace - talks - taliban - Trump calls off secret Camp David peace talks with Taliban leaders 'How many more decades are they willing to fight?' Trump asks after latest Taliban attack Yet I find it amazing that such a meeting was even contemplated with the president of the United States, let alone planned and near execution until the night before it was scheduled.

We need to face facts. Donald Trump says he canceled secret Camp David peace ... /Top_News/US/2019/09/07/Trump-says-he-canceled- secret - peace - talks ... President Donald Trump on Saturday said he canceled a secret meeting with Afghan and Taliban officials at Camp David after the latter claimed responsibility for a suicide blast that killed a U.S ... The Taliban are treacherous and barbaric terrorists. They should see no bit of U.S. property other than perhaps cells at our prison in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

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