Department of Justice (DOJ) has released a portion of memo from March 2019 used to justify not

[ Secret Trump-Russia Memo Partially Released but DOJ to Fight Judge’s Full Disclosure Order ]
The DOJ released parts of the memo used in 2019 to justify not charging Donald Trump with obstruction of justice, but it is arguing against releasing the whole document.

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The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has released a portion of memo from March 2019 used to justify not charging then-President Donald Trump of potential obstruction of justice following the Robert Mueller investigation, and vowed to fight a federal judge’s order to release the whole unredacted document.

In a court ruling on May 3, District Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who was appointed to the bench by Barack Obama, ordered the DOJ to release the legal memo within two weeks in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed in May 2019 by the watchdog group Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington (CREW).

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Biden’s DOJ appeals order to release full memo on why Trump wasn’t charged with obstruction

The Justice Department has partially appealed To publish An important 2019 note about whether then-President Donald Trump interfered with Russia’s investigation.

The proceedings mean that some sections of the 9-page memo are likely to remain confidential for the foreseeable future while the proceedings continue. The Justice Department released part of the memo on Monday, but the newly unedited section provides many new details about Attorney General William Barr’s decision that Trump should not be prosecuted for crimes. I didn’t.

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DOJ to Appeal Court Ruling to Release Memo Related to Trump Obstruction Decision

The Justice Department told a federal court on Monday that it intends to partially appeal a ruling requiring the’release of a legal memorandum prepared by the Trump-era’Justice Department‘for then-Attorney General William Barr to assist in his decision on whether to prosecute then-President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice during the Mueller special counsel investigation.

DOJ attorneys on late Monday filed a ‘Notice of Appeal‘ and a request to partially stay the court order while the case plays out. In their request, the attorneys said they were willing to release the entirety of the first page and a section of the March 24, 2019, internal memo but asked for the other redacted portions to remain hidden from the public.

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Biden’s Justice Department has announced plans to appeal an order to release a Trump jamming memo

The U.S. Department of Justice partially appeals a court ruling on Monday seeking the release of a legal memorandum prepared by the then Trump-era Attorney General for President William Barr before announcing President Trump’s conclusions. Announced that it is planned. Did not interfere with the judiciary during the Russian investigation.

The ministry, led by Attorney General Merrick Garland, said in a court filing that the government ‘acknowledged that the briefs may have been clearer and deeply regrets the confusion it caused. The lawyers and briefs were not meant to be misleading. ‘ court. ‘

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