Show-Me Success: The woman behind the secret recipe for Straub’s chicken salad

ST. LOUIS ‘ Straub’s chicken salad is the recipe people crave but can’t seem to recreate. The grocer with four St. Louis area locations sells 41 tons of the mayonnaise-y magic a year.

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Joyce Shierding was a stay-at-home mom in St. Charles County. It was 1979 and her husband was a meat cutter at Straub’s. He came home from work one day with extra chicken breast and asked Joyce to whip up a chicken salad for the store’s deli. She did it and the rest is recipe history.

Joyce started making the chicken salad regularly for the store from her home. Her husband would bring the all-white meat chicken breast home from the store and the next day Joyce would make batch after batch in her own kitchen.

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Joyce made the chicken salad in her home for 11 years and with each year, her recipe grew in popularity.

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