Shutdown debacle leaves Trump with stark choices

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As Government Reopens, the New Congress Tries to Begin Again

WASHINGTON ‘ With the government shutdown over for now, the 116th Congress will hit reset this week, showcasing a Democratic agenda in the House that was overshadowed by the struggle to reopen the government and furnishing both chambers with early opportunities to test whether divided government can produce results.

The House, which spent weeks passing futile bills to reopen the government, will turn to legislation higher on the Democrats’ priority list, including a bill to raise pay for civilian federal employees. Leading Democrats also plan to reintroduce a marquee bill to close the pay gap between men and women that they have fought to enact for years.

Mulvaney Says Trump Is Prepared For Another Shutdown

WASHINGTON (AP) ‘ President Donald Trump is prepared to shut down the government again or declare a national emergency if Congress won’t give him the border wall money he wants, the White House said Sunday.

The president’s standoff with Democrats on Capitol Hill is far from over and the clock is ticking ‘ the spending bill Trump signed on Friday funds the government agencies that had been shut down only until Feb. 15.

White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney told CBS’ ‘Face the Nation’ that Trump’s goal is to work with Congress.

‘What he wants to do is fix this the way that things are supposed to get fixed with our government which is through legislation,’ Mulvaney said.

Economy likely to resume steady growth, but some money will never be made up

Most analysts estimate that the 35-day partial shutdown shaved a few tenths of a percentage point from annual economic growth in the first three month of 2019. They say growth should pick up in the coming months, though some of the money federal workers and contractors didn’t spend in the past five weeks ‘ on such items as movie tickets, restaurants and travel ‘ will never be made up.’

Having gone without two paychecks, many federal workers were forced to visit food banks or to borrow money.

S&P Global Ratings estimates that the economy lost $6 billion because of the government closure ‘ a sizable but relatively negligible sum in a $19 trillion-plus U.S. economy.

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Shutdown debacle leaves Trump with stark choices

It’s as if President Donald Trump’s humiliation over the government shutdown and his failed push to honor his core campaign promise never happened.

‘Does anybody really think I won’t build the WALL? Done more in first two years than any President! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!,’ Trump tweeted on Sunday night, hitting back at the overwhelming media consensus that he had been outplayed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

But whether the President is simply defiant or in denial or is yet to process the lessons of the 35-day impasse that ended with his capitulation on Friday, he’s facing wrenching political choices.