SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair

At’WWE Clash of Champions, SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley will look to take her title reign to the next level in an intriguing matchup against nine-time Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. Bayley and Flair each achieved huge victories at SummerSlam, as the Huggable titleholder overcame’Ember Moon, and The Queen took down’WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus in her final match. SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss - /shows/wwe-stomping-grounds/2019/ bayley -alexa-bliss Moments after Charlotte Flair regained her SmackDown ’s Women’s Championship from Becky Lynch at WWE Money in the Bank to become a nine-time Woman’s Champion , Bayley cashed in her newly-acquired Money in the Bank contract and defeated The Queen to seize the blue brand title. In the wake of The Biggest Event of the Summer, however, Flair once again set her sights on championship gold. During an episode of ‘A Moment of Bliss’ on SmackDown LIVE, the two Superstars engaged in a war of words, as Charlotte’asserted’that neither WWE management nor anyone else will ever consider’Bayley the face of the Women’s division, while The Hugger implied that Bayley holding the title eats away at The Queen.’

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Smackdown Women’s Title Match Announced for WWE Clash of Champions

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions were on hand this Tuesday night on Smackdown Live, as Alexa Bliss hosted another segment of her talk show, A Moment of Bliss, with special guest Charlotte Flair.

Things didn’t take long before ‘The Queen’ was trashing her old BFF Bayley, claiming that she has tarnished the reputation of the Smackdown Women’s title, and that fans were still talking about her victory over Trish Stratus at SummerSlam while the champion was essentially an afterthought.

Bayley crashed this particular Moment of Bliss and dumped Charlotte on her second generation butt, before accepting a challenge for a championship match at WWE Clash of Champions on Sunday, September 15.

Bayley To Defend SmackDown Womens Title Against Charlotte At WWE Clash Of Champions Updated Card

WWE confirmed that Bayley will defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair at WWE Clash of Champions on Sept. 15. The match was set-up on Tuesday’s SmackDown when Bayley interrupted Charlotte’s appearance on “A Moment of Bliss.” The segment ended with Bayley accepting Charlotte’s challenge before shoving her off a chair and into the coffee table next to her. You can view the segment in the video above.

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SmackDown women’s title match set for Clash of Champions

Charlotte Flair never really went after Bayley after losing the SmackDown women’s championship to her on a Money in the Bank cash-in a couple months back. Instead, she took a detour, running over Trish Stratus at SummerSlam to continue cementing herself as arguably the top women’s star in all of WWE.

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Charlotte’s argument is that she’s marketable and Bayley is not, so she’s going to take the title back to restore the prestige it’s been missing since Bayley has been champion. Videos for SmackDown Women ' s Champion Bayley Vs . 1:17 Bayley vs Charlotte Flair - SmackDown Women ' s Champion - highlights YouTube That’s kind of a weird reason to want to win a championship, but WWE has gone ahead and booked the match for the upcoming Clash of Champions pay-per-view scheduled for Sun., Sept. 15, 2019, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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WWE Clash of Champions 2019: Matches & Predictions

And this year, the PPV tradition tied to this former WCW concept has returned. 6:17 WWE Smackdown Live Sept 10, 2019 Highlights: Bayley Vs Ember Moon Full Match HD YouTube Like years past editions, every main roster brand championship will be defended in one evening. FULL MATCH SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley def Alexa ... /watch?v=BI-P3ZwJfB8 FULL MATCH SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley def Alexa Bliss ... Lacey Evans vs Bayley SmackDown 08.27.2019 Part 2/2 ... Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch Women 's Title Match SmackDown 12.27.2016 ... The titleholders currently holding the top prizes for Raw, SmackDown, and 205 Live will have to contend with worthy challengers during this gold-worthy event. SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley vs. Ember Moon - /shows/summerslam/2019/ bayley -ember-moon Week in and week out, SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley has established herself as a truly inspirational titleholder, most recently with a successful title defense in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match against Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross at WWE Extreme Rules. What makes Clash of Champions 2019 even more monumental is the fact that the finals for this year’s King of the Ring tournament will take place on this evening. Simply put, this year’s September WWE event will certainly be one for the ages.

Let’s break down every championship bout that’s been announced for Clash of Champions and predict its victors.

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Charlotte Flair Vs. Bayley Set For WWE Clash Of Champions

The match was made after Flair issued a challenge on tonight’s SmackDown, which Bayley accepted, as seen below.

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