Smoking Asbury Park NJ. It comes with a summonses and fine of $250 for the first offense, $500 for the second offense and

[ Smoking tobacco, marijuana banned from Asbury Park, NJ boardwalk ]
Asbury Park’s City Council approved an ordinance Wednesday banning smoking and vaping of both tobacco and marijuana products on the boardwalk.

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The ordinance would take effect in 20 days on Tuesday, August 3. It comes with a summonses and fine of $250 for the first offense, $500 for the second offense and $1,000 for each subsequent offense. The final council vote was 4-1.

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“We’re not looking to raise revenue off this. We’re looking to get it more under control so we get less complaints about the smoke, Mayor John Moor told New Jersey 101.5.

The mayor said that smoking was already banned from the beach but that complaints continued about people throwing their cigarette and cigar butts over the rail from the boards and onto the sand.

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So long cigarettes (and weed)! Asbury Park moves to ban all smoking on boardwalk

The change would make the rules on smoking consistent with the city’s beach and parks, where smoking is banned under state law, Mayor John Moor said.’

“We’ve gotten a lot of complaints about smoking on the boardwalk,” he said. “People trying to eat (at the boardwalk restaurants)’and someone is smoking a cigar outside. There are cigarette butts up and down the boardwalk.”

But Moor said he expects Asbury Park police officers to focus on warning smokers before the boardwalk goes smoke-free. If the council approves the smoking ban Wednesday night, the ban would take effect in 20 days, or early August.

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Ciattarelli’s jump into the culture wars – POLITICO

It had been over for more than two weeks when Ciattarelli, at a gun range, ripped into New Jersey’s new LGBTQ curriculum requirements. The biggest issue isn’t that Ciattarelli has a problem with the law, which mandates teaching about the societal contributions of LGBTQ and disabled people. It’s this quote: ‘We’re not teaching sodomy in sixth grade.’

Ciattarelli told WNYC’s Matt Katz that he didn’t mean that statement as a knock against gay people, but at “mature content” being taught to kids. But in the context of the statement, that’s far from clear. There’s nothing in those curriculum requirements for teaching about sex acts, though there are requirements unrelated to the LGBTQ education law that students be taught about oral, vaginal and anal sex by eighth grade. The more obvious interpretation of Ciattarelli’s comment is that he’s equating teaching about gay people with sodomy, and anti-sodomy laws were for decades used to persecute them.

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Berkeley Council seeks to ban recreational marijuana shops

The Berkeley Township Council is a step closer to preventing any recreational marijuana shops from having a footprint in the community.

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The topic of banning recreational marijuana/pot/weed shops from setting up in town has been discussed for a while in Berkeley Township and following Monday night’s Council meeting, the thoughts are becoming a reality.

At the meeting on Monday, the council officially introduced and then passed, on its first reading, an ordinance which will prohibit all recreational cannabis establishments, cannabis distributors or cannabis delivery services from operating anywhere in Berkeley Township with the exception being the delivery of cannabis items related supplies by a delivery service.

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Jersey Shore boardwalk will now be fully smoke-free, mayor says

Seaside Heights boardwalk on Memorial Day at the Jersey Shore. 5/31/2021Keith A. Muccilli | For NJ Advance Media

One Wednesday, the borough council passed an ordinance that made the boardwalk entirely smoke-free, Seaside Heights Mayor Anthony Vaz told NJ Advance Media.

Smoking was already not allowed on the borough’s beaches and the majority of its boardwalk, with the exception of a few designated areas, Vaz said. They were located on the ramps that lead down from the boardwalk to the street on the west side of the boards.

However, borough officials were in the process this week of removing those ashtrays, adding signage and were now enforcing the new ordinance to prohibit all smoking.

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