Strong Democratic women are Trump’s kryptonite

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Strong Democratic women are Trump’s kryptonite (opinion)

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Election Day 2020 may still be a long way off — 632 days to be exact — but Donald Trump’s re-election prospects are looking more challenging by the day. And I don’t just mean because Trump has the highest disapproval rating (55.1%) of any modern-day president at this point in his presidency — except for Ronald Reagan (55.5%) (Keep in mind Reagan was in the middle of a recession at the time in 1982.)

Trump’s Nightmare Opponents

A few weeks ago, the pollsters at Monmouth University asked Democrats across the country to choose between two different kinds of nominees. One was a candidate whom the voter agreed with on most issues but who might struggle to beat President Trump. The other was the reverse ‘ a strong candidate with different views from those of the person being polled.

It was a rout. About 56 percent preferred the more electable candidate, compared with 33 percent who picked the more ideologically in-sync candidate. The gap was even larger among women and liberal Democrats. Patrick Murray, who runs the Monmouth poll, points out that this pattern isn’t normal. In previous campaigns, voters cared more about ideology than electability.

Democratic women send Trump a message: We’re coming for you

Pelosi was ostensibly clapping for something Trump had said, but her posture and expression were unmistakably condescending. The term “throwing shade” is often misused to mean any kind of insult, but this was a live example of what it actually is: Using an ostensibly positive reaction to make clear that you hold someone in contempt.

But Pelosi’s wordless burn of the president was just one part of an extraordinary performance by Democratic women, who utterly and completely stole the show from the orange smirk in a suit. Trump was, as expected, boring and repetitious in his racist obsessions. But the Democratic women, clearly still riding high on a midterm election that saw a wave of women ‘ overwhelmingly Democrats ‘ winning office, were luminous.

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Women are Trump’s most loyal supporters, more than men

Despite being condemned as a sexist and worse by Democrats and the media, women who voted for Trump in 2016 have become his most loyal supporters, even more than men.

What’s more, he is turning most into dedicated Republicans, according to exclusive new polling provided to Secrets.

‘One of the great untold stories for Trump is how he is connecting with women,’ said Anne Sorock, a pollster and president of the Frontier Lab, which uses behavioral science to explore the cultural and political landscape.

In the election, Trump did surprisingly better with women than Hillary Clinton, winning 47 percent to her 45 percent.

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