Suspicious optics said to have exposed Israeli raid in Gaza

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) ‘ A month after a heavy round of Israel-Hamas fighting, the undercover Israeli operation that sparked the battle remains clouded in mystery.

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GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) ‘ The small town of Abassan in the Gaza Strip is a tough place to infiltrate ‘ everyone knows everyone else and outsiders passing through quickly attract attention. So when strangers drove through town, suspicious Hamas security men stopped the van and questioned those inside.

* * *

A month after the exchange, the raid remains clouded in mystery. The Israeli army has kept mum, while Hamas officials have declined to comment publicly as they investigate the incident. With each side protective of its secrets, and possibly keen to spread disinformation, the full story may never be known.

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Strong chance mystery diplomatic brain injuries were caused by unknown microwave weapon, report says

(RNN) ‘ A rash of mysterious brain traumas that struck diplomats at American embassies and consulates in Cuba and China might have been the result of a kind of microwave weapon, according to a New York Times report.

* * *

They reported hearing strange sounds of varying pitch and volume, and then later suffered a range of effects. Those included symptoms as simple as headaches and as unsettling as memory and concentration difficulties.

The diplomats were in enough like a concussive state that doctors have jokingly called the puzzling affliction the “immaculate concussion” according to The Times.

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State police prepare for President Trump’s visit – WVNS

LEWISBURG, W. Va. (WVNS) — The news that President Trump is visiting Greenbrier County, Thursday, April 5th, 2018,’has law enforcement from all over the county working together to ensure’the President gets from point A to point B in a safe and timely manner.

* * *

While troopers are not expecting major delays on the roadways, Sgt. D. A. Evans said they are’asking people to be’cautious while traveling.

“We never have a long-term delay during this process, we haven’t in the past. So, just be patient with us,” said Evans.

* * *

Evans said law enforcement is fortunate the public is respectful of the people working to get the job done.

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Sure of win, Putin barely appears on election campaign trail

With days to go before Russia’s presidential election, Vladimir Putin has barely campaigned for a victory that’s all but assured.

Even in Crimea, the peninsula he seized to the joy of many Russians, Putin spent only a few minutes at a rally this week to thank supporters who waited hours to see him.

Amid widespread public apathy about the outcome and discontent over stagnating living standards, the Kremlin’s only challenge is to ensure that turnout for Sunday’s vote is sufficiently high to give Putin’s record fourth term a stamp of legitimacy. Regional officials are resorting to inducements ranging from free food to prize contests to lure voters to the polls as Putin extends his rule to 2024. The election is ‘an imitation,’ said Grigory Yavlinsky, one of seven candidates running against Putin. ‘It’s like a referendum, as Putin’s main goal is to stay in power forever.’

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IDF using autonomous drone system to try to intercept Gaza kites, balloons

RoboTiCan CEO Hagai Balshai told Hadashot the system was orginally developed to counter potential threats by drones, but has now been converted to deal with the arson problem.

* * *

For the past several months, Gazans have been regularly flying kites and balloons outfitted with containers of burning fuel, and sometimes explosives, into Israel.

The kite tactic was introduced as part of the weekly ‘March of Return’ demonstrations at the border fence, which began on March 30.

It has since become a daily menace, with the devices burning thousands of acres of Israeli forests, farmland and brush. Some 2,500 acres of nature reserves and national parks have been destroyed.

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