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Suspicious Substance Found At Norfolk Post Office

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Secaucus Police Blotter, May 13 – May 19
(May 2019) Ms. Guerrero was further charged with Possession of CDS believed to be Marijuana [2C:35-10A(4)], Possession of Drug Paraphernalia . Mr. Delgaudio was unable to post bail for the involved

‘All clear’ at North Bay post office
(May 2019) The suspicious . Canada Post say ” The substance was determined not to be harmful and employees returned inside shortly after 10 am.” Original: Tense moments in North Bay Friday morning as

Drug farmers dump remnants of cannabis farm in Leeds
(May 2019) The remnants of a cannabis farm were dumped in the middle of a south Leeds road by drug farmers. Sacks full of suspicious plant waste were found fly-tipped in Lingwell Gate Lane, near Thorpe on the

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