But only a handful of states are doing enough testing to stay on top of potential outbreaks,

[ Tennessee’s Secret To Plentiful Coronavirus Testing? Picking Up The Tab ]
Just about anyone who wants a coronavirus test in the state of Tennessee can get one. How? The state got buy-in and lots of participation from private labs by assuring them it will pay them.

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To reopen businesses and public spaces safely, experts say, states need to be testing and contact tracing on a massive scale. Tennessee's Secret To Plentiful Coronavirus Testing ... states move on from social distancing, they need plenty of coronavirus testing to prevent future outbreaks. But many communities face testing bottlenecks. Tennessee has a solution. But only a handful of states are doing enough testing to stay on top of potential outbreaks, according to a state-by-state analysis published by NPR.

Among those, Tennessee stands out for its aggressive approach to testing. Tennessee’s Secret To Plentiful Coronavirus Testing ... Secret To Plentiful Coronavirus Testing? Picking Up The Tab. By Blake Farmer, Nashville Public Radio May 20, 2020 Copy HTML. We encourage organizations to republish our content, free ... In Tennessee, anyone who wants a test can get one, and the state will pick up the tab. The guidance has evolved to ‘when in doubt, get a test,’ and the state started paying for it in April.

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In case you are keeping track:

Testing Swabs Run In Short Supply As Makers Try To Speed Up Production

Medical personnel use specialized swabs to gather samples to test for coronavirus, such as at this drive-through COVID-19 testing station in Seattle. The supply of these swabs is getting tight.

The two top makers of the highly specialized swabs used to test patients for the novel coronavirus are straining to keep up with the demand, even as both the Italian and U.S. governments are working with them to increase production, including at a key manufacturing site in the midst of Italy’s outbreak.

The nasopharyngeal swabs required for the coronavirus tests are quite different from your standard Q-tips ‘ and the exploding need for them has created a bottleneck in the soaring demand for diagnoses.

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Date: 2020-03-18
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College Students Flock to Panama City Beach Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

College students on spring break in Panama City Beach aren’t letting the coronavirus pandemic stop them from having fun.’

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‘I could either stay in Milwaukee and get it, where there’s a possible case and multiple cases in Wisconsin,” said Alyssa Timler, 21, a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. “Or I could come to Florida – where it’s warm – where there’s multiple cases, as well.’

Despite warnings from federal and state public health officials about practicing social distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19, college students from across the country are partying with friends at local bars in the popular tourist town.’

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Coronavirus: 12 New Cases In Washington State; Los Angeles Declares Emergency | 90.1 FM WABE

More than 230 people in Washington state are currently under supervision out of concern that they may have been exposed to the pathogen, the Washington Department of Health says.

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The move comes after Los Angeles County confirmed six new cases of the coronavirus and seven overall, according to Dr. Barbara Ferrer, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

‘I have signed a declaration of local emergency for the City of Los Angeles,’ Mayor Eric Garcetti announced via Facebook. ‘While there are only a few known active COVID-19 cases in the region, the declaration helps us access state and federal funding to strengthen and support our efforts to prepare our region and keep our communities safe.’

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