The 20-second secret to feeling better ‘ a hug

When I need support or protection, if I am sad and feel lost, when I’m stressed and scared and long for warmth and reassurance, if I want to feel protected and know that I am not alone in this world,

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I would like to share with you the simplest, fastest and most wonderful way to instantly improve your mood, calm yourself and keep close and warm relations with your loved ones. It is a hug!

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I want to emphasise that when you have these hugs it is with loved ones you live with; social-distancing in these times is as important as ever.

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It reduces your fears and anxieties. You feel the positive effects of a loving embrace long afterwards. We feel more positive and have less swings towards negativity during the day.

What is another important benefit? Hug lovers do not overeat as much; we have less desire to fill the loneliness void with food. A hug instead of a snack!

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Date: 20200618
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Many things are taking place:

Perfect hug for babies is a ‘medium pressure’ cuddle from a parent

A good cuddle can make the troubles of the world melt away, and scientists have now found the secret to giving a baby the perfect embrace.’

A study tested how effectively different 20-second long cuddles soothed babies to find the most calming type of hug.’

It found infants preferred a medium-pressure hug to just being held, but the calming effect decreased during a ‘tight’ hug.’

Don’t squeeze too tight Daddy!’They found babies were soothed more by a medium-pressure hug than just being held but the calming effect decreased during a ‘tight’ hug, a study has found (file photo)’

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20 Best Athletic Swimsuits for Women – Sporty Swimsuits

Whether you’re playing water polo or perfecting your dive, this fast-drying Speedo swimsuit has all the coverage you’ll need to feel fully supported no matter the activity. Dr. O’Donnell says one-piece swimsuits like this slimming one are ideal for exercise because they support the core and chest areas.’This one features wide racerback straps for extra mobility and’soft cups.

Need a swimsuit for the pool ASAP?’This affordable one-piece swimsuit has a cute design that slims the tummy area and has these fun crisscross straps on the back for a little extra somethin’. The scoop neckline covers the whole chest area and its built-in cups keep breasts in place while you work out. This swimsuit comes in solid and gradient colors, but we prefer this style because it accentuates the waist.’

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‘Love, Victor’ Has a Smart Approach to Being a ‘Love, Simon’ Spin-Off, But Feels Shallow ‘ Review

Remember being a teenager, and you’d screw up pretty big, and your parents would say ‘I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed?’ That’s the energy I’m bringing into this review of Love, Victor, the Hulu spin-off of the groundbreaking 2018 gay teen rom-com Love, Simon. Because, while the first season begins with a really intriguing approach to how a spin-off should work, by the end it ultimately fails to rise above the cliches.

Love, Victor begins with the titular letter-writer (Michael Cimino) and his family moving abruptly from their original home in Texas to Atlanta. While Victor initially looks forward to getting a fresh start at a new school, things quickly become messy, especially since Victor’s not just grappling with a new school, but a new awareness that his identity might not include him being 100 percent straight. So, when he hears about the Creekwood High legend of Simon (Nick Robinson, present in the show largely via voiceover), who came out and fell in love with a big romantic gesture in front of the entire school, Victor has a lot of complicated feelings ‘ and chooses to express them in the form of his own messages.

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