The MAGA Teenager Who Harassed a Native American Veteran Is Still Unnamed, but We’ve Seen His Face Before

A video clip of a white teenager harassing a Native American elder instantly became one of the most viscerally enraging images of an era that has offered no shortage of them.

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Not to change the topic here:

Video shows teen boys taunting Native American man at march

A video of a group of mostly white teen boys taunting a Native American man during the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington, DC went viral Saturday, prompting widespread criticism of the youths.

The images show a throng of boys, many wearing Make America Great Again hats, surrounding the man as he beat a drum and sang a song. One boy is also seen standing and smirking close to the man.

He was identified by The Washington Post as 64-year-old Nathan Phillips, an indigenous activist who fought in the Vietnam War.

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Kentucky Teens Wearing ‘MAGA’ Hats Taunt Indigenous Peoples March Participants in Viral Video

A video of Kentucky Catholic high school students wearing ‘MAGA’ hats and yelling over Native American marchers has gone viral after people called the teenagers’ behavior disrespectful.

Several videos posted on Twitter show the students, many wearing Covington Catholic High School sweatshirts and ‘Make America Great Again’ apparel, crowding the Native American marchers, yelling over them as they conduct a ceremony for fallen veterans. In one video, a teen stares down a Native American elder for about a minute.

Indian Country Today said the elderly protester in the video is Nathan Phillips, an Omaha-based Vietnam veteran who holds an annual ceremony honoring Native American veterans at the Arlington National Cemetery. Phillips is the former director of the Native Youth Alliance and a keeper of a ceremonial sacred pipe.

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‘It was getting ugly’: Native American drummer speaks on the MAGA-hat-wearing teens who surrounded him

The images in videos that went viral on social media Saturday showed a tense scene near the Lincoln Memorial.

In them, a Native American man steadily beats his drum at the tail end of Friday’s Indigenous Peoples March while singing a song of unity urging them to ‘be strong’ in the face of the ravages of colonialism that now include police brutality, poor access to health care and the ill effects of climate change on reservations.

Surrounding him are a throng of young, mostly white teenage boys, several wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ caps, with one who stood about a foot from the drummer’s face also wearing a relentless smirk.

Haaland condemns students’ behavior toward Native elder at Indigenous Peoples March | TheHill

In a phone call with The Hill, the freshman lawmaker said she feels as though that respect for others has diminished in recent years.’

“I feel like some of that has truly been lost and that’s all condoned by our president,” Haaland said. “You could tell that by the hats they were wearing.”

“Our Catholic values of Pueblo people have been to care about each other and respect cultures,” Haaland said. “Those are things I learned as I was growing up.”‘

The school and the Diocese of Convington said in a joint statement Saturday that they would “take appropriate action, up to and including expulsion.”