The Secret Commonweath by Philip Pullman review ‘ a work of extraordinary depth

In the second instalment of his Book of Dust trilogy, The Secret Commonwealth, Philip Pullman makes what appears to be a passing reference to Peter Frankopan’s revisionist history of the world,

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A deeper reading of The Secret Commonwealth reveals a more profound relationship between the two books. Including results for the secret commonwealth by philip pullman Search only for The Secret Commonweath by Philip Pullman Lyra’s adventures take place in a world in which central Asia and the silk routes are once again at the heart of world affairs. The Secret Commonwealth By Philip Pullman - Amazon Official Site 4.5 rating for Browse & Discover Thousands of Book Titles, for Less. Kindle eBooks A ‘rose panic’ has swept across the region, sparking a politico-economic crisis in Anatolia and Tajikistan. Fundamentalist ‘men from the mountains’ are invading the extensive and beautiful rose gardens, driving farmers from their homes and creating a wave of refugees flooding into Europe. The roses are apparently wanted by multinational pharmaceutical companies, but also by the Magisterium ‘ the malevolent puritanical church.

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