You won’t find any dirty laundry in here – even though some unaware customers have tried to wash

[ The ‘secret’ hiding behind this unassuming launderette ]
For those hoping for a glimpse of the menu before you arrive, you can’t. The website has been kept pretty illusive due to its secret nature,

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You won’t find any dirty laundry in here – even though some unaware customers have tried to wash their clothes

A speakeasy bar disguised as a laundrette is so convincing that people have actually turned up with a basket of dirty washing!

But you won’t be getting a quick rinse and spin here – just great cocktails and a unique, mysterious atmosphere.

The Washhouse, in Manchester, sees customers step through a washing machine door into the hidden venue, which is strictly bookings only, 2Chill reports .

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35 Hidden Bars Around the World and How to Find Them

Adults Only is an upscale dive bar located in the corner of a Hollywood strip mall on Sunset and La Brea. Look for a neon pink light, and don’t be surprised when you find yourself surrounded by skin flicks: The bar’s entrance is made to resemble the adult section of a fake Hollywood video store, with a wide selection of VHS tapes and movie posters.

Walk through the entrance and you’ll arrive in the bar, where hanging cathedral lamps and reupholstered church pews catch the eye. Films are projected inside as well, where there’s dancing late into the night and drinks that range from spicy mezcal margaritas to stone fruit mojitos.

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61 Neighborhood Restaurants That Make the DC Area a Better Place to Eat and Live

What makes a great neighborhood restaurant? In some ways, it’s easier to pin down what it’s not: a place with a fussy menu, a two-hour line, or really any pretense at all. We gravitate to the spots on this list for the comforting food, sure. But also for things that are easy to overlook in a fast-moving dining scene. A generous welcome. Time-tested reliability. An instant sense of belonging. Here’s to more than 60 restaurants that’for some or all of those reasons’make the city a better place not just to eat but to live. And we need them now more than ever.

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Jason Maddens has a classic chef story: Up-and-comer spends years julienning his way up the high-end kitchen chain. Then decides he’d rather be the boss, quits, and heads back to his hometown to cook the way he really wants. For Maddens, that means an ever-changing menu that some nights features porky ramen, other nights prime rib (one constant: the a’oli-slathered burger). When it’s open, the dining room feels like it’s equal parts date-nighters and parents with iPad-toting kids.

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The 12 Best Secret Speakeasies to Seek Out In Chicago

Looking to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your weekend routine? Speakeasies have just the right kind of mystique to make your night out one-of-a-kind.Once upon a time, when the Feds put a ban on alcohol, Chicago was the nation’s breeding ground for speakeasy bars. Though legislation repealing Prohibition was ratified back in 1933, our cultural fascination with the Prohibition era (and with much of the mob activity that marked it) keeps us going back to basements and backrooms made to emulate that time in our history.

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This bar is everything a speakeasy should be, with an intimate space, hidden entrance, unique performances, creative drinks, and the right amount of kitsch. In fact, it’s an original, dating back to the Prohibition Era. Just enter the Green Door Tavern and head down the stairs in the back to find this speakeasy bar in Chicago. You’ll be placed in a waiting room, most likely, since the bar’s capacity is a meager 37, but trust us, a visit here is sure to be a memorable one.

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The Secret Entrance to the Knickerbocker Hotel ‘ New York, New York

Deep in the subway system below Times Square, and passed by thousands of commuters and tourists every day, there’s a white door that goes largely unnoticed.

It’s tucked away on the end of the platform of Track 1 on the S shuttle between Grand Central and Times Square-42nd Street, closest to the 42nd Street exit. At first glance, it’s similar to the many doors that can be found in many MTA stations, storing supplies or equipment. But where those lead into utility rooms, offices, and generators, this white door was once a portal into a glamorous world.’

Above ground, on the corner of Broadway and 42nd Street, the Knickerbocker was a Beaux-Arts masterpiece. Built with Astor’s millions in 1906, it had over 500 rooms, with space in the restaurants and bars for 2,000 revelers.

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New York’s Secret Doors and Hidden Rooms

I have a recurring real estate dream in which I find an extra room in my home, tucked behind a door I have never noticed before.

The d’cor inside is usually worn and dated, with shag carpeting, wood paneling and terrible lighting. But the room’s potential never escapes me. All my clutter troubles are solved. Finally, I have space.

Then I wake up to a reality shared by many New Yorkers: There are no hidden rooms to house all the junk currently shoved in those plastic bins under the bed.

There must be others. How else did Eloise putter around the Plaza Hotel with such ease in those children’s stories? And how did Katie Holmes miraculously appear with a shopping cart in Whole Foods in Chelsea without ever walking through the front door?

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