The Secret Aurora Success What Paramount Theatre. It’s Aurora, with about 200,000 residents, a truth duly noted at a Chicago Tribune event last

[ ‘The Secret of Aurora’s Success’: What the Paramount Theatre got right and how it changed a city ]
Since they’ve earned the trust of all those audience members, the Paramount now is able to introduce new work.

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It’s Aurora, with about 200,000 residents, a truth duly noted at a Chicago Tribune event last weekend by a staffer from the Aurora Beacon-News, a Tribune-owned publication with a small but mighty team of reporters who labor to cover a city far bigger than most Chicagoans think.

Rockford and Joliet, by way of comparison, have less than 150,000 people each. Springfield, the state capital, is little more than half the size of Aurora; Champaign a little less than half. Bloomington-Normal don’t compare, even if you add their populations together. The secret of auroras success what the News ‘The Secret of Aurora’s Success’: What the Paramount Theatre got right and how ...Chicago Tribune on MSN.com4 hours ago“The Secret of My Success” comes with a skilled Broadway director in Gordon Greenberg, the same man responsible for the excellent ... And Aurora is far more diverse than the state of Illinois as a whole.

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‘The Secret of Aurora’s Success’: What the Paramount Theatre got right and how it changed a city

And in the city of Aurora, some 40 miles west of Chicago, the renaissance of the historic Paramount Theatre has been transformative.

With the exception of Cleveland, which has benefited immeasurably from the Playhouse Square Center, I’d argue that no Midwestern downtown has been more changed by a single arts organization.

Back in the early 1990s, it was argued that casinos were the answer to blighted downtowns like Aurora’s collection of buildings on the banks of the Fox River. The Hollywood Casino is still there (I remember the days when it still cruised the Fox) but there has been little new investment and the place now looks down at heel, at least as compared with the 1990s. When it comes to attracting new businesses and filling the streets with people, the non-profit Paramount has been far more effective in a much shorter time.

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‘The Secret of my Success’ transfers to stage in world premiere musical at Paramount – Chicago Sun

While much has changed in the world since the 1987 movie on which the musical is based, the underlying and heartfelt message of the film remains as important as ever.

It was 1982 when actor Michael J. Fox bound onto our TV screens and into our hearts, playing Alex P. Keaton on the hit sitcom ‘Family Ties.’ The role propelled him to movie roles including a time traveler, a teen werewolf and then an ambitious Midwesterner taking New York City by storm in ‘The Secret of my Success.’

‘This story feels so right for the world right now,’ explains famed director Gordon Greenberg of Paramount Theatre’s world premiere stage musical ‘The Secret of my Success.’ ‘The idea of success, as black and white as it seemed when you were young, becomes nuanced and gray and richer and more human as you get older, and that became the idea of the show. Everyone of our characters are grappling with the same question and that is, what really is success?’

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‘One-stop-shop for the arts:’ Aurora school set to open

Shannon Cameron dreams of the day, coming soon, when the new Paramount School of the Arts in downtown Aurora is full of people of all ages, with the sounds of music, dance, theater and other arts classes spilling into the corridors.

Maybe a kid studying violin will be intrigued by the sound of tap shoes. Spotlight: Aurora's Paramount premieres 'The Secret of My Success'Daily Herald1 week agoParamount Theatre premieres "The Secret of My Success," a new musical adapted from the 1987 film starring Michael J ... and ... A theater student may look in on a painting class. ‘The Secret of Aurora’s Success’: What the Paramount ... has a bustling downtown on the Fox River these days, with fine restaurants and full sidewalks. That's due in large part to the Paramount Theatre. Next up: "The Secret of My Success." Newborns in the Kindermusik program may grow into teenagers studying music technology in the recording studio.

“We are like a one-stop shop for the arts,” Cameron said Thursday, as she led a tour of the almost-finished school.

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