When I recently checked my iPhone Screen Time data, it reported an average of 4.5 hours per day.

[ The Secret to Enjoying Nature Is ‘ Your Phone ]
An essential part of having a smartphone is hating yourself for it. The self-awareness that smartphones are bad for us, and that tech companies are evil for addicting us to their apps,

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I’ve found myself in the same situation, locked in a constant battle between unplugging and plugging back in. When I recently checked my iPhone Screen Time data, it reported an average of 4.5 hours per day. Should I be embarrassed? I wondered. The Secret to Enjoying Nature Is … Your Phone | WIRED Secret to Enjoying Nature Is … Your Phone. ... even if they’re undertaken with the vague shame of knowing that returning from the woods means returning to your phone, when you will almost ... What number was respectable? My boyfriend’s total gave me the frame of reference I was looking for: 1.5 hours.

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It was my social media-less friend Kristen (she doesn’t even brag about it) who first mentioned iNaturalist to me. After she deleted her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts permanently, she was looking for a collaborative way to learn more about the native plants in Los Angeles, where she had recently relocated. iNaturalist describes itself as ‘an online social network of people sharing biodiversity information to help each other learn about nature.’ The open-data project allows users to log their observations into a map, as well as contribute to others’ observations. (For example, if someone identified the genus of a plant, and you know the species, you can add to the observation.) iNaturalist has a partner app called Seek for people like me, who don’t even know the names of the house plants they own, despite having traveled to a store, intentionally picked them out, and then paid money for them. Seek assists citizen scientists in the making by using image recognition technology to identify a species when you hold your camera up to it. It has been described by various news outlets as ‘Shazam for nature.’

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This Secret Bay Near Houston Has The Most Striking Sunset Views

It’s a sad fact that Houston doesn’t really have varied terrain, it’s mostly flat and full of concrete. Videos for The Secret To Enjoying Nature Is Your 7:14'The Present’ - A Book Review | The Secret To Enjoying Your Work & Life - Now!YouTube But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t breathtaking nature spots near the big city that will give you the nature escape you’re looking for. There are many hidden Texas gems that don’t look like they would be so close to Houston. One of these hidden gems is a swampy nature center near Houston with the best sunsets.

The Baytown Nature Center is comprised of two peninsulas not far outside of Houston and is the most gorgeous place to go for an outdoor getaway.

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Danes Hill School: What are the secrets of its outstanding success?

Situated in 55 acres of stunning estate and located in the village of Oxshott, Surrey, Danes Hill School is one of the UK’s leading day preparatory schools for boy and girls aged three to 13.

Danes Hill attracts pupils from all over the country, including nearby London ‘ because of the amazing school’s outstanding success.

In 2019, all graduates from the preparatory school successfully gained entry to their chosen senior school, with 57 pupils achieving senior school scholarships and 94 per cent of grades being A*-C.

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The secret to a fulfilling, happy retirement starts with you

After years of slogging it out in the workforce, the thought of retiring is no doubt exciting, with opportunities to travel abroad or simply sit back and put your feet up. But it may not be as blissful as you have imagined, in fact, one expert says retirement could have dire impacts on your wellbeing.

‘These changes take time and as a result, a person’s experience of adjustment may fluctuate depending on factors such as the nature of a person’s work when employed, their general health and wellbeing, their financial standing, their work exit conditions and their networks of support,’ the study published in the Social Issues and Policies Review explains.

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Celebrity dentist Dr Apa reveals the secret to creating the perfect smile

As Hollywood’s go-to cosmetic dentist – he counts Chlo’ Sevigny, Huda Kattan, and designer Vera Wang as clients, not to mention Emirati royalty ‘ Dr Michael Apa is famed for creating smiles so natural, you’d never guess the person flashing their pearly whites (but not too white) has had veneers fitted.

In fact he’s become a bit of celebrity himself, with those in pursuit of the perfect smile flocking to his clinics in New York, LA and Dubai, despite his decidedly A-list prices – a full set of veneers reportedly costs in the region of Dhs295,000.’

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What would you say your trademark is? Or is it your ultimate goal to create smiles that look so natural, people can’t tell?

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Have a Honey of a Time With ‘Bees: The Secret Kingdom’

You may have heard the name Awaken Realms before, as they’re the publisher behind 2018’s biggest Kickstarter campaign Tainted Grail. But did you know they also publish a line of family-friendly games under the imprint Awaken Realms Lite? I certainly didn’t until recently, when they sent me out a couple of their ‘Lite’ line of games to take a look at. Today I’ll be discussing a fun and breezy card game called Bees: The Secret Kingdom.

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