There’s a Bond film for every season, but more to each of them than their ancestry.

[ The Secret To Great Teams? Getting Splattered With Bugs ]
Getting teams to work together isn’t simply about everyone getting along. It’s about throwing out to the front of the pack to suffer the fate of wind, bugs and exhausting, toxic hard work.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

14 Movies To Watch If You Loved No Time To Die

But there are alternatives ‘ 24 of them come to mind most obviously. There’s a Bond film for every season, but more to each of them than their ancestry. Some of the following recommendations highlight similar work from the stars before enlisting in Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Others are adjacent pieces of espionage pulled from the same genre trappings. And naturally, James Bond does return.

The hottest rumor around “No Time To Die” is that it’s secretly a remake of “Dr. No,” the very first Bond film. There’s enough smoke to the fire that Rami Malek, who plays supervillain’Lyutsifer Safin, had to’dodge the question head-on: “I’m not going to bite on that, but I do think it’s interesting.”‘Whether or not it’s true, the release of Bond #25 is still a worthy occasion to revisit the original Bond flick that started it all.

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College Sports Fans – Two Indiana Mascots Need Your Vote to Make the Mascot Hall of Fame

Two popular mascots from right here in the Hoosier state have been nominated to enter the Mascot Hall of Hame and they need your vote to make it happen.

The Mascot Hall of Fame also happens to be an Indiana institution. Located in Whiting, Indiana roughly 30 minutes southeast of Chicago on the shore of Lake Michigan, the Hall was’founded in 2005 by’David Raymond, the original Philly Phanatic, and serves not only as both a tribute to mascots everywhere but also as an interactive children’s museum.

Each year, no more than 30 mascots from the world of professional and collegiate sports, as well as “independently performing characters” are selected for induction. Regardless of category, a mascot must have been active for at least 10 years prior to their election, according to the Hall’s nomination rules.

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Space tourists splash down in Atlantic Ocean after three days in orbit

The space tourist crew who spent three days orbiting Earth in a SpaceX Dragon capsule has returned to our planet in one piece.

The gang, dubbed Inspiration4, splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean off the Florida coast just after 1900 EST (2300 UTC) on Saturday. They were checked over by doctors and flown by helicopter to land.

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The team ‘ Jared Isaacman, Dr Sian Proctor, Hayley Arceneaux, and Christopher Sembroski ‘ effectively completed the first all-civilian human spaceflight to orbit. None of them were traditional professional astronauts, and the capsule was largely automated, leaving them to observe our home world from a bubble-shaped window. SpaceX hopes to launch as many as six private flights a year as well as runs into orbit for NASA.

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Cubs Manager Accidently Spills The Beans On Big Baseball Secret

Will the Cubs be taking a trip to Dyersville, Iowa next season for the Field of Dreams game? They will according to Cubs manager David Ross.

The White Sox will be playing in the inaugural Field of Dreams game tonight against the Yankees. A game you can listen to right here on 1440 WROK. The MLB hasn’t said who would be playing in next year’s game, or if there even would be another Field of Dreams game.

Then reporters were talking to Cubs manager David Ross about the Dyersville, Iowa game before the Cubs were dominated by the Brewers 10-0. Cubs reporter Gordon Wittenmyer described the interaction beautifully on

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