Nervous shoppers are wondering whether to do all their gift buying right away lest the supply chain

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Harris’s rollout of a covid-19 task force composed of biomedical experts, suggesting that even as the number of daily new infections reached an all-time high in the U.S., a cure was in sight.

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Many things are taking place:

3 Tips for Keeping Your Holiday Spirits Bright ‘ Pandemic or No Pandemic

Thanks to COVID-19, families may need to reconsider those Thanksgiving trips to grandmother’s house ‘ or at least social distance around the turkey. Nervous shoppers are wondering whether to do all their gift buying right away lest the supply chain once again run into trouble and stockings end up empty.

In short, the pandemic has the potential to take the usual holiday depression, loneliness and general angst to a whole new level, while also draining away much of the season’s merriment, goodwill and childlike wonder.

Doc Lycka offers a few ways to lessen the pain of what happens to us through positive actionable steps that include:

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Governors Ask How Vaccines Will Be Distributed

With the first coronavirus vaccines in the final stages of testing, the National Governors Association has some pressing questions for the Trump administration: Who is going to pay for the administration of vaccines? And how will scarce supplies be allocated among the states?

The association, a bipartisan group headed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York, posted its questions on Twitter.

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Netanyahu speaks to Pfizer CEO, says believes sides will reach deal on vaccine

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will hold discussions later today on the possibility of announcing nighttime curfews to lower the country’s coronavirus infections, Hebrew media reports.

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Under review will be the possibility of confining people to their homes after 7 or 8 p.m. until the early morning.

According to Channel 12, Health Ministry officials are currently skeptical that a curfew would be effective in lowering infection.

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Several people have been wounded in a bomb attack at a World War I commemoration ceremony attended by European diplomats at a non-Muslim cemetery in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, France’s foreign ministry says.

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How Nations’ Responses to Covid-19 Will Determine their Future Role in the World

The United States, which recorded its ten-millionth case of coronavirus-19 (or covid-19) on November 6th, is currently on an upward trajectory of daily new cases of coronavirus-19 (or Covid-19), and reached an all-time-record high of 132,540 new cases on November 6th. Donald Trump’s conspicuous leadership-failure on this might have cost him the 2020 re-election victory he had hoped for, but its implications extend far beyond merely that. Of course, these are global implications.

Basically, coronavirus-19 is increasingly making clear, to the world, that libertarianism (as it’s called in the United States) or neo-liberalism (as it’s called in Europe) is a false model for running a country, and that, in order to maximize the happiness or satisfaction of a given nation’s people (or, in other words, to serve them in the most effective way), strong economic numbers are less important than maintaining and improving the health and well-being ‘ the safety ‘ of the nation’s public. Without doing this, a nation’s leadership is poor, even if the nation is a democracy, and even if its per-capita GDP is high. If the public live in fear, then the basis for happiness does not exist, no matter how wealthy they are, and no matter how free they are.

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