The US is starting to build once-banned cruise missiles for the first time since the Cold War

The Pentagon reportedly plans to restart the manufacturing process for once-banned ground-launched cruise missiles as a Cold War-era arms agreement with Russia crumbles, Aviation Week reported.

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The Trump administration announced US withdrawal from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty in early February, citing Russian violations of the bilateral arms control agreement. The pact is expected to expire in August.

President Donald Trump stated last month that the US will “move forward with developing our own military response” to alleged Russian treaty violations. Russia has said it will do the same, although there is evidence it had already done so.

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In the late 1970s, the Soviets deployed the RSD-10 Pioneer intermediate-range ballistic missile system in Eastern Europe, and the US responded by deploying mid-range Pershing II missiles and intermediate-range ground-launched cruise missiles in Western Europe.

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When US and Russia withdraw from the INF missile treaty

Efforts to discuss strategic stability in the Middle East must be both regionally inclusive and comprehensive

If both the INF treaty and New START suffer the same fate, the arms control regime that took the superpowers decades to establish might crumble. Moreover, what will happen at the normative level when the US and Russia, rather than leading the way in the direction of reduced nuclear arsenals, begin significantly enhancing their arsenals? This will no doubt create a legitimacy problem for the key nonproliferation treaty, the NPT, as well. With the two nuclear powers modernizing and enhancing their nuclear arsenals, they will be viewed as further abdicating their Article VI commitment to disarmament.

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