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Skype gets updated with support for group call scheduling and dark mode
on 20th of Sep 2019 Earlier this month, Microsoft released a new update for Skype Insiders that brought support for group call scheduling. The company is now rolling out the same update to everyone and it also bumps the

Skype version 8.52 brings group call scheduling, better contact sharing
on 20th of Sep 2019 Microsoft is rolling out a new update to Skype on all platforms, bringing the version number to 8.52. The latest release includes a few new features depending on what platform you’re on. First,

Detained Refugee Appointed Professor at Two Top Universities, Will Teach Over Skype
(Sep 2019) Behrouz Boochani was just 29 years old when he was forced to flee the city he called home over fears of persecution for his work as a journalist and documentarian. Leaving behind Iran’s Kurdish city

Skype is the best communication app for Windows 10 users, even if people don’t use it
(Sep 2019) My phone and PC have entire sections dedicated to messaging apps. I use WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and more to stay in touch with people. I occasionally also use Discord, SMS

All Blacks skype Hamilton school students
(Sep 2019) As their heroes appeared on screen, the whispers began and small hands reached for Weetbix cards to identify their video visitors. They weren’t disappointed. The class of Hamilton school students were

People who don’t trust scientists might just need to Skype one
(Sep 2019) You know your stubborn uncle who can’t sit through a meal without mentioning that climate change is a hoax invented by money-grubbing conspirators with too much time on their hands? This may

‘Skype Mafia’ Backs A.I. Startup Automating Contract Negotiations
(Sep 2019) Prominent members of Europe’s so-called “Skype Mafia,” all co-founders or early employees of the voice-over-Internet conferencing service, are backing Pactum, a startup that uses artificial

This robot is like a Skype call with hands
(Sep 2019) For the last six years, a Singaporean couple has been developing a robot, which lets people in different locations transmit hand movements and facial expressions to each other for work and play. Rough

Joel Dommett’s wife Hannah pokes fun at his Skype sex act leak as she shares cute wedding video
(Sep 2019) Joel Dommett’s new wife Hannah has just proved nothing is off-bounds by poking fun at his infamous sex act leak and we love her for it. The comedian, 33, admitted in 2013 that a video of him

Your Skype calls are observed
(Sep 2019) (MENAFN) Based on a new investigation, Microsoft employees might be ‘listening’ to conversations made through Skype. The Sun reported that they admitted that some works might sometime review real

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